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We Bring MSPs and Clients Together

A Business Communication Platform Built for MSPs to Grow.

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Denes Purnhauser, QBR tool expert
How to make your QBRs more productive and engaging in 2021
Myles Olson, vCIO and QBR tool expert
Strategic-Business Focused QBR Walkthrough
Managed Services Platform Orientation Meeting
Peter Torbagyi, QBR software expert
Become a Trusted Advisor with Strategic Client Meetings
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Managed Services Platform offers a full MSP business communication platform of account management, vCIO, business development, and IT sales

— plus frameworks, templates, and implementation services provided —

to help MSP businesses scale. 



Managed Services Platform’s tools are impressive alone

but even better when used together



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Here’s how to get a business conversation with your clients:


Understand your client’s business and articulate your value through technology recommendations.



Proven process Customize Strategic Client Reports (QBRs)  
Proven process Connect Business Problems to Technology Solutions
Proven process Articulate Value with Client Roadmap
Proven process Sync Opportunities with PSA
Proven process Demonstrate Your Progress Toward Chosen Goals
Proven process Keep Client Strategic Plan Alive

Get results: long term client loyalty
IT Client Engagement


Capture more and better leads, provide personalized experiences and close more sales faster.



Proven process Differentiate Your Message
Proven process Capture Leads
Proven process Connect Business Problems to Technology Solutions
Proven process Articulate Value with Price Calculator
Proven process Gain Clarity with IT Service Contract
Proven process Sync Opportunities with PSA


Get Results: predictable IT sales for a given marketing investment
           IT Sales           

Empower Your Team

Establish regular communication and build stronger relationships with your clients to grow better together.



Proven process Create a Client Database
Proven process Import and Sync Clients with PSA
Proven process Segment Clients
Proven process Improve Regular Client Communication
Proven process Gain Governance at Scale
Proven process Report on Grow


Get results: Scalable IT Sales, vCIO and Account Management
            IT CRM           

Become part of a winning ecosystem...


Software - a full business communication platform for managed IT service providers

Partners - the most progressive experts in the MSP industry

Frameworks - predictable results with step-by-step implementation

Solution Sets - high-quality, professional and ready-to-use materials

Community - progressive, and relevant business conversations with IT Sales, Account Manager, vCIO and business developer peers

Some people might be thinking...

We have no time

The time to success is quick. Narrow scope, ready-to-use templates, course materials, and an intuitive tool make the implementation very quick.

We have no money

Though it is an investment upfront, and a recurring expense, you'll end up generating a ton of revenue with new projects, services, and new clients.

We grow already

No matter how engaged your clients are and how rapidly you grow, the platform gives you the extra boost needed to help your team to do more, with less time.

We are not there yet

No matter what your current maturity is with Account Management, vCIO or IT Sales, the platform gives you the tools to start, execute, and advance your current practice.

Garry Adams at JMARK Business Solutions
We had challenges in upgrading our clients to our cyber-security offering. Managed Services Platform helped develop an effective process for our Account Management team to grow our existing client base.
Garry Adams
Client Relationship Manager / JMARK Business Solutions
Rich Anderson at Imagine IT
Managed Services Platform helped us design and sell a $7,000 MRR vCIO contract to our existing client very quickly.
Rich Anderson
CEO / Imagine IT
Eric Baryol at Leverage IT
We use the Managed Services Platform's Needs Assessment questionnaires and reports to differentiate ourselves through the sales process. We have been growing our MSP 20% year to year.
Eric Baryol
CEO / Leverage IT