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5 keys to generate, qualify and close more sales


Take the sales readiness assessment and learn how to bridge your sale gaps.






Have you ever wondered why you struggle to communicate your value to your prospect, why prospects stay with their current provider even when they are not happy, you have a hard time closing deals that were not referrals, or you just can’t find a way to consistently close sales?

This seminar will show exactly where you are going wrong and help you develop a plan to move your sales forward.



  • Overview of Sales Readiness
  • How to avoid the most common sales and marketing mistakes
  • Define who you sell to, what you sell to them, and how you sell it
  • Leveraging the Value Gap Methodology ™
  • Setting and achieving meaningful sales goals
  • Converting leads into sales
  • Creating a repeatable, predictable, scalable sales process


Your Expert Guide: Mark Woldman


mark-woldman As a Sales and Marketing chief, I drive customer acquisition and ensure our IT provider clients are positioned for success. Simply put, I’m in the business of helping others improve their business. I do more than just help increase revenue - I show them how to enhance the quality and value of their entire operation.

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