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Orientation Meeting

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7 Steps of building a successful IT Security Practices


In this free online course, you can find best practices to build the bridge between the concerns of security and of business with 7 single steps.



Orientation Meeting

Your Challenge:

  • It is challenging to set a Vision on what do with Security.
  • It is hard to present a viable strategy regarding security for your clients.
  • You cannot decide what to include in your security offering.
  • Hard to communicate the difference using your security offering.
  • Challenging to monetize on your security offering.
  • Cannot decide on the specific deliverables for security processes.
  • No idea how to integrate all these components for success..



  1. MSPs should set a Vision on what they’ll do with Security? Why is this so critical now
  2. What Strategies can be viable for an MSP regarding security?
  3. What could be included in the offering? What is the pricing and packaging strategy?
  4. How can an MSP differentiate in all this noise?
  5. What is the sales process for the Security Offering?
  6. What are the specific deliverables of the development process? What are the Milestones?
  7. What an MSP has to do.


Expert Guide - Alain Ducharme

Alain Ducharme - Director, Innovation & Global Channels at Info-Tech Research Group

Alain - Director, Innovation & Global Channels at Info-Tech Research Group