7 Strategies to make IT more engaging to executives


Watch this interview with our technical account management expert guide, Skip Ziegler, to learn how to be more engaged with clients by finding advice to develop and adopt your Technology Best Practice.



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Do these statements sound familiar?

  • You are being ignored by business owners and they delegate technology related meetings to office managers.
  • You are wasting too much time putting together technology assessments as information is coming out of too many systems.
  • Your team is overwhelmed as your clients are not upgrading from legacy systems to ones easier to manage.
  • You feel being too salesy by going to clients with ad-hoc technology recommendations.
  • You cannot scale account management as each client seems to have a different expectation of what is on the QBR.


We will discuss the following:

  1. Ask about Business Goals
  2. Conversations are not presentations 
  3. Right Audience 
  4. Dynamic Agenda 
  5. Separate the strategic from the tactical 
  6. Rhythms, consistency, and playbooks
  7. Connect the business value narrative to the tech talk



Your Technology Engagement Expert Guide: Skip Ziegler


Your Technology Engagement Expert Guide: Skip Ziegler

Early in his career, Skip realized that just understanding the technology was only part of the challenge.  To make technology truly valuable to an organization you had to communicate with business leaders; to align the possibilities that IT could deliver and meet the goals and needs of the business.

Skip Ziegler has developed a results-driven focus on applying technology to meet the needs of the business.

He believes that Technology Best Practice and Technology Stack adoption lead to the required operational efficiency to stay competitive on the disrupted IT Infrastructure market

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