Become a Trusted Advisor with Strategic Client Meetings
Become a Trusted Advisor with Strategic Client Meetings

Account Management Software


Structure, Manage and Automate Technical Account Management and vCIO processes


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Challenges with your client engagement

Busyness: There has never been more noise and busy work than there is today. Crucial client meetings like QBRs get missed because your team and your clients are just too busy.

Priority: There are too many types of meetings with many clients to have clarity into what is a priority today.

Balance: Without a system to define the level of service you deliver to your clients, the noisy ones will demand more attention and the quiet ones will be ignored.

Structure: Without playbooks, crucial client meetings only happen when it is convenient, leading to missed opportunities and disengaged clients. QBRs will only happen once or twice a year when they should be compulsory every quarter.

Client Engagement

See where clients are being over or under-serviced and understand how your team can maximize client engagement. Give your account managers and vCIOs clear playbooks of activities that they can manage and fulfill with clients.


Gain visibility into your AM/vCIO activities to understand who is doing what and when to deliver outstanding client engagement. Never miss another crucial client interaction that could make or break your relationship.


Spend less time on busywork, more time focusing on critical client interactions. Implement a purpose-built software to structure your Account Management and vCIO deliverables. Save time and gain better visibility on who needs attention.


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Structure your Account Management

Account managers can not generate the necessary client engagement, technology stack adoption and project growth without a proper expectation and structure in place.

Client Engagement Playbooks help define what activities you deliver to different client segments. Structure the Account Management and vCIO processes so you’re less reactive and more proactive. Assign the playbooks to clients and then track the execution. Assign Account Managers to Clients and monitor activities. Never miss another crucial client engagement.



Run an Effective Account Management Operation

Running an effective day-to-day operation with client meetings, roadmap management, service management creates a ton of distraction and prevents staying focused.

Let the entire team follow the same processes. Gain visibility into what attention clients need and when. The client engagement scoring gives quick visibility on who needs attention. The client activity management offers a quick understanding of what critical activities have been done and missed, such as budgets, technology reviews or other audits.




Not just for Account Management

Manage onboarding processes, Technical Account Management and vCIO activities, as well as sales prospecting activities with playbooks.


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Client Engagement Scores

You cannot predict future client engagement and your team do not know what is expected to engage clients.

The Client Engagement Score (CES™) goal predicts client engagement over time based on the delivered/planned Client Engagement Activities.  This helps you to set proper expectations of the various client segments. It also helps communicate expected deliverables to your Account Managers and set expectations with the client.

Client Engagement Scores


Client Activity Management

If you do not drive your account managers' activities, your clients will. That leads to ad-hoc busywork not aligned with your growth goals.

Client Engagement Scores let you measure the amount of current and forecasted connection with your clients and prospects. See all of your Client Engagement Activities across all of your clients and Account Managers / vCIOs. See what's been completed, is planned and what's overdue. Filter by Account Manager, Client Segment or On/Off Target. Never miss another crucial client meeting or QBR. 

Client Activity Management


Client Roadmap

To be aligned with clients, manage opportunities, forecast workload and deliver projects on time, is difficult.

The Client Roadmap helps to set the proper expectations, set budgets for different initiatives and also to allocate the necessary resources available. Add new projects on the fly or select from your project library. Set priorities by dragging and dropping projects. Set one-time or recurring budget items as well as project time estimations for your resources. The project roadmap can be synced with your PSA's Opportunities and Projects.

Client Roadmap


Client Dashboard

Communicating with clients at a high level is overly difficult without proper visuals and aggregated information.

The Client Dashboards let you highlight key metrics with your clients. You can bring scoring profiles from different reports and show them in one place. If you do security audits, you can pull the number to the dashboard. If you have an IT Technology Stack score, use that to demonstrate their technology debt. Review their dashboards frequently to demonstrate progress and get projects accepted.

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Master Roadmap and Budgets

You may have several projects in different opportunities and delivery lifecycles with many clients at once. The lack of visibility leads to all sorts of problems. 

By aggregating all client roadmaps, you can forecast project workload by individual to avoid overutilization. Also avoid giving false assumptions for clients with deadlines you will not be able to meet. Forecast revenues to have a steady cashflow instead of fluctuating project revenue.

Master Roadmap and Budgets


Client Engagement Activities

Client engagement is usually a result of different activities you do with your clients such as onboarding calls, Business Reviews, Strategy and Meetings, Lunch and Learns or even your annual Community Fundraiser.

Client Experience Activities help you to list and define your proactive engagement activities. Client Engagement Activities can be delivered ad-hoc or as a series of events based on a Client Experience Playbook. Client Experience Activities can be logged to a client by an Account Manager. The engagement level is measured by the Client Experience Score. This helps your team to be clear what is expected of them to deliver.

Client Engagement Activities


Client Segmentation

Most MSPs are not paying attention on the size and opportunity of the clients, but rather from the generated noise of the client. That is why account managers and owners are paying attention to small clients rather than the ones that would lead to growth.

Client Segments are groups of clients who are similar in terms of size, maturity, complexity or another characteristic. This determines the way you get and keep them engaged. The industry best practice among MSPs, with whom we've been working over the years, is to generate client segments based on client size. The size usually reflects the complexity and the Monthly Recurring Revenue of the clients. These are the main factors in determining their needs and potential resources. 

Client Segmentation


Client Engagement Playbooks

Account Managers and owners usually have no structured game plan with clients and in what frequency. This leads to less professionalism and very ad-hoc client meetings.

Client Engagement Playbooks are sets of activities you plan to deliver to a specific client segment. Based on the planned Client Experience Activities you can forecast the Client Engagement Score over time.

You can use the playbook for the following purposes:

  • Create a plan for your Account Managers that defines what should be delivered to different clients
  • Schedule activities for the vCIOs to distribute their utilization over time
  • Create a nurturing process for the Sales Executives to keep key prospects engaged
  • Define the high touch activities of your onboarding process to make sure you enhance their experience 

By defining the amount of time spent on each client segment, you ensure your team provides the highest standards of service. 

Client Engagement Playbooks



A short learning curve, easy setup and numerous templates to help you start quickly


Gain access to role and goal-based Quickstarter solution sets with included templates, courses, and live training 


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Client Goals 

Without a clear understanding of what the client wants or what our objective is, achieving focused client meetings successfully is truly difficult.

For each client, a Goal can be applied. This can be set with the client or internally. The goal is visible on every list to make sure the account manager who is assigned knows exactly what they have to achieve next with the client. Focus creates clarity, accountability, and efficiency.

Client Goals


Activity Reports and Dashboard

Account Managers and vCIOs are rarely accountable. Not because of the nature of the work but the lack of visibility into their activities.

Gain visibility into your AM/vCIO activities to understand who is doing what and when to deliver outstanding client engagement. Drill down into clients and see what activities are planned and completed. Understand what your team is doing and keep accountable to the playbooks and activities. Connect delivered reports to activities and scores based on contact seniority level. Never miss an opportunity to nurture trust and loyalty!

Activity Reports and Dashboard


Client Seniority Management

Not each of your client contacts are created equal. You might assume that a strategy meeting with the owner of the company impacts more on the overall engagement than a QBR with the office manager.

The Seniority Factors are determining how engaging the activities are. Your planned client engagement scores can be exceeded by having more senior individuals present on the meeting. If the account manager cannot engage the decision-makers, the scores will be lower. This is a true prediction of your future opportunities with your clients.

Client Seniority Management



Without a streamlined account management operation

Your QBRs remain too technical and less relevant to executives

You miss development project opportunities that increase margins

You spend too much time in tools preparing reports rather than being with clients

Garry Adams at JMARK Business Solutions
We had challenges in upgrading our clients to our cybersecurity offering. Managed Services Platform helped to develop an effective process for our Account Management team to grow our existing client base.
Garry Adams
Client Relationship Manager / JMARK Business Solutions
Nick Stevens at Heroic Technologies
Since we use Managed Services Platform we have a consistent and effective QBR process that helped us to win more projects and maintain business conversations with executives.
Nick Stevens
Founding Partner / Heroic Technologies
Wouter Mertens at EXPRO IT
Managed Services Platform helped to cut down our QBR process in half the time. This enabled me to do regular QBRs with all key clients and delegate project opportunities to the service team.
Wouter Mertens
Business Manager / EXPRO IT


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