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Adam Walter

Co-Owner, President, vCIO at Virtual C, Inc

Your vCIO Expert Guide: Adam Walter

Adam Walter is a founder of Virtual C, a tech company that specializes in helping businesses manage their technology profile. His expertise has been published tech articles around the world. In his career he has built technology programs and architected solutions across corporations of every size. Over the last few years at Virtual C he has coached technology leaders and helped companies with their strategic vision.

I want to change technology teams to be business solution providers.

Adam grew up in western Nebraska and attended elementary in a small country schoolhouse. His parents bought a home computer in the 80s and this cemented his technical path. He graduated as an All American in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. In the fall Adam quit his job, packed everything he owned in the trunk of his car and drove to Lincoln to propose to his future wife. In Lincoln he began working as technical support for law enforcement. Later, he took a job with a bank marketing firm that did data analytics. It was at this time that he began writing and speaking. A few years later Adam received an opportunity to work for a large company as a strategic technical lead. While working here Adam was able to shine by pulling many teams together to solve issues in high pressure situations. This is where he began shifting his career towards business and strategy.

“And as we let our own light shine, We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. ”
Marianne Williamson

His years of experience in a variety of environments had given him a broad set of knowledge. He also enrolled in one of the nation's leading MBA programs to help broaden his knowledge to understand business process. From here Adam handled cloud migrations for one company and built an entire security program from scratch for another. Finally, he seized an opportunity to quit his job to begin working on his dream company.

Adam is a husband to an amazing wife and parent of 4 children, all of which were adopted within 5 months of each other. People look at us like we are crazy when we tell them but it is how life worked out and we love every minute of it.



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Delivering Business Focused QBRs

Delivering Business Focused QBRs

Adam Walter at Virtual C

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6 Best Practices of Top Performing vCIOs

6 Best Practices of Top Performing vCIOs

Adam Walter at Virtual C

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