Maximize your Continuum Help Desk Partnership



Free your valuable internal resources and make more money with an optimized Help Desk partnership


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Faster Client On-Boarding

After years of wishing Continuum would provide a template for documentation structure, we went ahead and designed our own -- and now we’re sharing it with you. LA Creative’s online course provides an entire plan for scheduling, communication, training & implementation of your Help Desk. In this course, you will learn about actionable I.T. Glue best practices and our dynamic actionable checklists for managing Client and Client Employee Lifecycle.

More Managed Seats Per Tech

With your team truly aligned with Continuum Help Desk Best practices and documentation, watch their skills, practices and abilities soar, producing REAL value where and when you need it. Simply, your team will spend less time managing techs and more time building your business.

Happier Clients

By implementing our Help Desk processes, you will experience a quantitative drop in client issues. As a rule of thumb, clients are always happier when they understand the support process and support jobs get done right the first time, not the third (or fifth).


Here is the problem

Your outsourcing partner not giving you a blueprint for success!
Help Desk Tickets lingering for days in open statuses. And even worse, the jobs being done completely wrong or unnecessarily escalated.
Your team being without a clue who to assign work to or what the status of your client’s tickets are
Being frustrated when you see your team is too busy with stuff they shouldn’t be doing!

From being stuck with an inefficient help desk partnership to becoming confident that your partnership is truly optimized.

Your Expert Guide

Josh has worked daily with the help desk since 2014 and has worked hard to generate streamlined processes and best practices with Continuum. Although, he served on Continuum’s Help Desk Partner Advisory Council, and the Early Access Beta Team and speaks annually at Continuum Navigate he found that the experience of an MSP can be better with a method, step-by-step process and education on how to get this work faster.

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Josh Weiss - Continuum Help Desk Expert Guide for MSPs


4 Step Continuum Help Desk Partnership Process Framework

  1. Partner Alignment Process
  2. Documentation Process
  3. Quality Assurance Process
  4. Client Alignment Process. 

4 Step Continuum Help Desk Partnership Process Framework


Maximize your Continuum Help Desk Partnership


Step 1. Schedule a meeting
Step 2. Take the 4-Process Assessment with a coach
Step 3. Fit/Gap Analysis
Step 4. Have an Action Plan

Grow Your Business

7 Common Mistakes MSP’s Make When They Outsource Their Help Desk

This free online course was developed to familiarize MSPs with Continuum Help Desk’s best practices and dig deep into the most common mistakes that occur when outsourcing your Help Desk.




Maximize your Continuum Help Desk Partnership recorded webinar

This webinar will help you maximize your Continuum Help Desk partnership, covering tips and tricks learned over 5 years of working with them every day. And yes, the devil is in the details.

  • Initial Partner Alignment Process
  • Partner Documentation Standards
  • Service Quality Assurance Process
  • Client Alignment Process





5 min read

7 Smart Tips to Maximize Your Continuum Help Desk Partnership

After my business grew from a break/fix it tech provider to a full fledged MSP, it was clear that I needed to offer...

Garry Adams at JMARK Business Solutions
We had challenges in upgrading our clients to our cyber-security offering. Managed Services Platform helped develop an effective process for our Account Management team to grow our existing client base.
Garry Adams
Client Relationship Manager / JMARK Business Solutions
Tom McDonald at NSI
The real-world insight provided by Josh and his team - MSP to MSP was critical to NSI successfully implementing a plan to migrate our existing clients and new clients to the Continuum help desk. Josh brought up several things Continuum never mentioned, critical items which we certainly would have uncovered on our own, only after making the mistakes ourselves – instead we avoided costly errors, allowing us to provide the service our clients expect. My advice to any MSP looking to make this migration is to listen to Continuum, follow the protocol and advice they give you – exactly. And hire Josh and his team to provide the real-world MSP experience that Continuum just can’t offer. You don’t know what you don’t know! – But Josh and LA Creative Tech do!
Tom McDonald
President / NSI
Eric Baryol at Leverage IT
We use the Managed Services Platform's Needs Assessment questionnaires and reports to differentiate ourselves through the sales process. We have been growing our MSP 20% year to year.
Eric Baryol
CEO / Leverage IT