The Journey to Cloud-Centric Service Provider



Learn how to create a strategic plan and implement a system to execute on your journey to becoming a modern cloud-centric service provider


Grow Your Business


Build Confidence in Your Future

Learn to create a strategic plan you can believe in.

Get “Un-Stuck”
Execute against your strategic plan using the EOS methodology.


Win with the Cloud
Leverage modern cloud to provide differential value to your clients.


Here is the problem

The legacy IT Infrastructure is holding you back

More commoditization of IT infrastructure and lower value for infrastructure support alone

You need competency and desire to shift the business model

Stuck in your old ways and world is moving past you


From being stuck of commoditization to being confident in a compelling strategy and tools to execute it

Your CCSP Expert Guide

Jamison struggled watching new cloud-based technologies bypass his IT Services firm and his clients. Revenues and margins were being driven lower and the ability to provider higher value services was a struggle under the legacy infrastructure model.

Jamison embraced the commoditization of modern cloud infrastructure and utilized that model to layer in much higher-value services to his clients, resulting in stable, or even increased, revenue and margins across his organization.

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Jamison West - Your CCSP Expert Guide


MSP to CCSP Framework

  • Addressing the core strategies required to pivot the business model (3HAG)
  • Utilizing a process to execute against those strategies (EOS)
  • With an eye on the transition to moder cloud infrastructure and value-added services. 

MSP to CCSP Model


MSP to CCSP Mastermind Process

The MSP to CCSP Mastermind Process helps to develop the strategy and leveraging monthly sessions with learning, peer idea sharing and accountability for the flawless execution.

MSP to CCSP Mastermind Process


Have a planning conversation with Jamison


1. Book a Cloud Readiness Assessment

2. Decide on your path to Cloud

3. Have your plan in place

4. Start your Journey

Grow Your Business

Move your MSP business to the Cloud

In this free online course you can learn about the proven framework to transition to a Cloud-Centric Service Provider (CCSP) model.




MSP to Cloud-Centric Service Provider recorded webinar

Learn how to shift from a legacy MSP to a CCSP business model. We will discussed the following:

  • Why you need to understand and embrace the cloud
  • How to set a strategy for the transition
  • How to execute across all areas of the business.





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Garry Adams at JMARK Business Solutions
We had challenges in upgrading our clients to our cyber-security offering. Managed Services Platform helped develop an effective process for our Account Management team to grow our existing client base.
Garry Adams
Client Relationship Manager / JMARK Business Solutions
Rich Anderson at Imagine IT
Managed Services Platform helped us design and sell a $7,000 MRR vCIO contract to our existing client very quickly.
Rich Anderson
CEO / Imagine IT
Eric Baryol at Leverage IT
We use the Managed Services Platform's Needs Assessment questionnaires and reports to differentiate ourselves through the sales process. We have been growing our MSP 20% year to year.
Eric Baryol
CEO / Leverage IT