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Become a Strategic Partner with vCIO Projects


Show your value and engage executives with business-driven meetings


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Increased Recurring and Project Revenues

Creating a strategic relationship with your clients allows you to deliver more value both an ongoing and project base. Decisions are made easier as the problems you solve are not technical but business ones.

Loyal Customers

If you are a trusted business advisor you are part of their competitive advantage. They are not checking your price, they are not looking for other partners and want your business to grow.

Increased Engagement

Helping them to become a better company, servicing their clients better, streamline their communication, helping them in operational efficiency leads to increased engagement and retention.

Here is the problem

You were the hero when your clients had IT Infrastructure problems. You have solved their problems and they do not see the value that clearly anymore. 

It is really frustrating when the executives have not engaged with you anymore, you have to prove your value and when they are not open to invest in their infrastructure anymore.

This is not your fault. They view the technology and your services as a technical and tactical part of their business. 

You deserved to be a strategic business partner of your clients.

Let's fix this with structured, simplified and scaleable vCIO project engagements...


Expert Guide

Adam has witnessed too many bad QBRs, technology conversations with executives, boring presentations and lengthy quotations. He felt that this is a major obstacle for small businesses to adopt great technologies.

He started his own vCIO practice and has grown to a very lucrative business in a short amount of time focusing only offering vCIO offerings to small businesses. He had been training and crafting materials for MSPs around the world to unlock the potential for MSPs to become business partners.

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Adam has developed the AAW Framework, which is a modular business engagement system using Assessments, Audits and Workshops to engage C level executives.

This approach makes the Business vCIO process scaleable as the expectations are set, the outcomes are predictable and the deliverables are defined. This is a game changer after many ad-hoc, talent driven vCIO activities.



Adam has implemented the AAW Framework in many organizations. The challenge was always to balance the short term (do it tomorrow) and the long term (make it as a scalable offering). He realized that tying the different Assessments, Audits and Workshops to different cycles gave the clients clarity and the MSP a roadmap to actually implement all engagement activities.

This implementation has been proven to train and onboarding new vCIOs, as well.


From simply being the maintenance & support technology firm to a strategic partner who solves business problems through appropriate technology.

Snapshot of the Office 365 Monetization Course

On-Demand Courses

The Virtual-C Academy has many online courses for vCIOs to learn hard and soft skills to engage the clients in a business level.

a couple of titles for example

  • How to develop and maintain an IT Budget
  • How to conduct an IT Strategy Workshop
  • How to monetize on Office 365 consultation
  • How to deliver IT Security Assessments
  • How to facilitate vCIO Needs Assessments
  • How to implement a  vCIO led Sales Process


Snapshot of the IT Budget Strategy Workshop


Live Masterclasses

Half-Day Online interactive small group masterclasses designed to Learn, Apply and Implement in the tool.

  • Build an Engaging IT Strategy Workshop
  • Build your vCIO program
  • IT Budget Strategy
  • IT Technology Stack Audit
  • IT Strategy Development Service
  • Monetize Microsoft 365 Services

Snapshot of the IT Budget Strategy Workshop


Talk with Adam how to get your vCIO program up and running in 4 weeks


1. Schedule the VML assessment
2. Spend a valuable hour with Adam
3. Develop your plan 
4. Conduct your first vCIO workshop


Schedule a Virtual CIO Maturity Level Assessment

1-1 Coaching

Adam's coaching approach is agile and result driven. It always starts with an assessment, then setting achievable goals and defining incremental values. This approach helps the MSP to make the vCIO setup and running quickly and start earning incomes from the clients who are helping to finance the development process.

Results are creating positive feedback loops, clients are happy vCIOs are motivated and the company owner have full control on the process.

Live Workshops

We condense our successful 6-month training program into a 2 day off-site workshop where you will walk out with everything you need to deliver vCIO services to your clients.  No more lengthy implementation processes, no more expensive hires to get the program going.  We even throw in a month of coaching to ensure that all your questions are answered after the workshop is over!

Snapshot of the IT Strategy Workshop Templates

Application Templates

One of the keys of the quick implementation is to have out-of-the-box templates you can start using immediately. Customization can come later but start with something well designed and thought through is always give ypu a head start. You can find several templates for different vCIO engagements such as

  • Office 365 Utilization Audit
  • vCIO Needs Assessment
  • IT Strategy Workshops
  • vCIO Stand Alone Service offering
  • SWOT Analysis Workshop
  • Project Scoping Workshop

Snapshot of the Office 365 Assessment Marketing Video

Marketing Collaterals

Short, white labeled videos help you to create an interest in your Assessments, Audits, and Workshops. You can use it during your QBRs, you can send it over campaign emails or you can use those in your website to generate leads for vCIO led sales process.

Snapshot of the Office 365 Assessment Marketing Video

Who made the transition...



Schedule a Virtual CIO Maturity Level Assessment

Many solution providers offer to tweak your business model or improve your efficiency - but very few can offer to transform your offering. Managed Services Platform aims to guide those of us aiming for more.

Rich Anderson

CEO / Imagine IT

Managed Services Platform is pretty cool. We've tried a lot of MSP coaching, training and marketing systems. We truly feel that the Managed Services Platform is the most in-depth, comprehensive, advanced and fastest evolving

Nick Stevens

Founding Partner / Heroic Technologies

Managed Services Platform helps us to sell more SaaS but also helps us to get more revenue because we do more for the same client. The report tool forces us to get out of our comfort zone (the bits and bytes), and makes us focus on why a client needs IT.

Wouter Mertens

Business Manager / EXPRO IT