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Here's the problem

Building an MSP is extremely challenging because of the rapid change in the industry, the ever-growing client expectations and the nature of the service business.

With no clear direction, a lack of blueprints, no time for proper execution and a shortage of actual human help, leaders of IT companies resort to building companies through trial and error and in a reactive fire-fighting mode.

This only leads to frustration, fatigue, loss of motivation and eventually burning out.

Is there a better way? You know there is!


Imagine being confident that your direction is upward and the team is building your business with a Business Building Roadmap in place with Solution Sets ready to implement.

Lasting Results

Imagine setting your next business initiative for success by implementing Proven Processes with Expert Help, Self Education and Application Templates.

Ahead of the curve

Imagine accessing the most forward-thinking experts and communities and finding the competitive edge that keeps you ahead of your competition all the time.

Let's make it work with comprehensive Business Building Solutions...


Step 1. We'll identify your unique challenges

Step 2.  We'll prepare a custom-tailored demo

Step 3. You can start accelerating your growth


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Win New Clients

Client Engagement

Implement New Services

Profitable Operations


Win New Clients

Build a scalable marketing and sales funnel, conduct engaging meetings and close more high-value deals.

Differentiate your MSP with StoryBrand

Create a winning marketing strategy
Develop a marketing strategy that differentiates your MSP from the competition based on your unique story.

Clarify your message with StoryBrand
If you confuse, you'll lose. Clarify your message which is the best way to grow your business.

Create a highly converting website
Tell your story on your website and turn visitors to leads with compelling copy and calls to actions.



Make your MSP Website a Sales Accelerator

Is your website a static brochure or is it actually helping you during the sales process? If you fear it's the former, then it's time to take action. Learn how to elevate your website's performance when you're talking to a potential client.




Find and Win More Customers

Find Ideal Prospects
Get yourself in front of decision-makers who buy based on value, not price, so you can build a pipeline of opportunities more likely to close.

Create Real Value
Push the low-cost IT vendors to the side by quickly establishing trust, credibility, and value with a message and process that hits home with your ideal prospects.

Win more Customers
Follow a plan that moves deals through your pipeline faster, with higher close ratios. Speed the decision process so you can focus on deals more likely to close.


Find and Win More Customers



Client Engagement

Plan, deliver and measure client engagement activites and structure Account Management and vCIO processes.

Streamline Technology Engagement

Reduce Ticket Noise
Help your clients adopt standard technology solutions and best practices. Give your service desk and your clients the calm comfort they deserve.

Streamline Operations
Empower your account management and vCIO teams with a simple, quick and elegant way to communicate with clients.

Increase Revenue & Retention
Simplifying the process of adopting your technology solutions helps protect your clients and drives project and recurring revenue.


Streamline Technology Engagement


Becoming a Strategic Partner with vCIO Projects

More Project Sales
Find projects you were not informed of, increase buy-in for existing projects and increase Perceived ROI for Managed Services.

Loyal Customers
Show you care about the client’s company & product - tribal knowledge increases with strategic knowledge - and give them a competitive advantage...

Increased Engagement
Discover new areas of business at your client and build trust so they approach you for more initiatives.


Becoming a Strategic Partner with vCIO Projects


Client Engagement Excellence

Develop and operate a scalable, structured and seamless Account Management and vCIO operation

Efficient Operation

Streamline your operation by Developing and Adopting your Technology Best Practice, Technology Stack and Service Standards.

Sustainable Growth

Close more infrastructure projects and expand your Security, vCIO and Cloud services with Client Engagement Activities.

Brand Differentiation

Running business focused QBRs, Audits and Annual Planning sessions defines you as a high-value business partner.


Start Building Client Engagement



Implement New Services

Develop, Market, Sell and Develop better, modern and more valuable services.

The Journey to the Cloud-Centric Service Provider

Build Confidence in Your Future
Learn to create a strategic plan you can believe in

Get “Un-Stuck”
Execute your strategic plan efficiently using the EOS methodology

Win with the Cloud
Leverage modern cloud to provide differential value to your clients




Monetize on the IT Security opportunity

Develop, Market, Sell and Deliver  IT Security Assessments

Stickier clients
Provide guidance, demonstrating competence and trustworthiness

New clients
Reveal problems left by others and win new business

Project Revenue
Build a security maturity roadmap full of additional-revenue projects


Monetize on the IT Security Opportunity


Own the cloud with Identity Management

Managing passwords for all websites is a cumbersome task for your clients.

Differentiate yourself, drive efficiency and increase MRR with Identity Management as a Service.

When they’re threatened by the cloud you can take control and monetize it with identity management.

Watch the complete expert guide interview


Building a high profile IT Security Practice

If your MSP is servicing larger clients you need to take IT Security Practice seriously. Powered by Info-Tech means you have an access to an extensive library to design, market, sell and deliver high profile IT Security Services.

IT Security Blueprints, templates, processes, certifications and education materials offered only to Managed Services Platform members.


Watch the complete expert guide interview



Profitable Operations

Develop Operational Excellence, Productize your offering, outsource processes to build a better operation.

Maximize your Continuum Help Desk Partnership

Go from being stuck with an inefficient outsourcing partnership to being confident that you have the most productive source available.

More Managed Seats Per Tech

Happier Clients

Faster Client On-Boarding




Scale your MSP with Operation Excellence

  • Stop being the “Technician” and start being the “Manager”
  • Create an Annual Strategic Operations Plan
  • Leverage your RMM and PSA tools to drive down costs
  • Manage the engineers and incent behaviors
  • Create and document effective day to day policies and procedures


Watch the complete expert guide interview


Get a Grip On Your MSP with EOS

EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, is a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that has helped thousands of MSPs get what they want from their businesses. Implementing EOS will help you and your leadership team get better at three things:

  • Vision—getting everyone in your organization 100% on the same page with where you’re going, and how you plan to get there
  • Traction®—instilling focus, discipline, and accountability throughout the company so that everyone executes on that vision—every day
  • Healthy—helping your leaders become a more cohesive, functional, healthy leadership team 






Step 1. We'll identify your unique challenges

Step 2.  We'll prepare a custom-tailored demo

Step 3. You can start accelerating your growth


Schedule a call

1. Identify

Think about your business challenges and bottlenecks to identify a Business Building Goal you need to work on.

2. Learn

Browse the available resources, read articles, watch videos and attend an online seminar to learn about the Solution.

3. Implement

Sign up for a Masterclass or a Readiness Assessment with an Expert Guide to start working towards your goal.

4. Operate

Use the Strategic Client Relationship tools to streamline and automate the implemented frameworks in your daily operations.

Expert Guides

You can build your MSP faster by learning from people who’ve done it already. Expert Guides have crafted frameworks, implementation processes, education materials and ready to use templates. They share your values, understand your challenges, are eager to teach and committed to your success.

Image 2019-07-30 at 18.04.57




You can build your MSP faster by simplifying complex things. Frameworks help to apply big ideas, innovative know-how, proven processes, best practices, methodologies and thinking models by packaging them into an easy to apply system.




Implementation Processes

You can build your MSP faster by knowing what to do next, every step of the way. Implementation Processes consist of action plans, checklists, worksheets, templates, calculators and step-by-step guides to making it easier for you to execute.

Implementation Image 2



Implementation Services

You can build your MSP faster by implementing the frameworks with Expert Guides. Expert Guides offer project based 1-1 coaching series and monthly engagements as well. For the heavy lifting Expert Guides organize content creation, customization, and on-site training as well.




Self Education

You can build your MSP faster by giving access to knowledge to your entire team. Self Education is made up of articles, courses, quizzes, learning roadmaps, seminars, masterclasses and coaching that adapts to your learning style and budget.




Application Templates

You can build your MSP faster by not starting from scratch. Application Templates can be applied in several parts of the Strategic Client Relationship Platform as Service Definitions, Service Bundles, Project Templates, Structured Reports, Marketing Graders, Email Templates or Standardization Scoring.





You can build your MSP faster by expanding your team's professional network with people trying to achieve the same goals. Communities are in Slack Channels and Mastermind Groups led by Expert Guides to allow your team to share knowledge and ensure accountability. 



We started working with Managed Services Platform several years ago. We can generate more revenue in a short amount of time by using their own reporting tool. This tool helps us get focused and shows them what we, as a high value business partner, look like.
Rich Anderson
CEO / Imagine IT
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Nick Stevens
Founding Partner / Heroic Technologies
Managed Services Platform not only helps us sell more SaaS, but it also helps us generate more revenue by doing more for the same client. The meeting tool forces us to get out of our comfort zone (the bits and bytes), and makes us focus on why a client needs IT.
Wouter Mertens
Business Manager / EXPRO IT