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Client Engagement Playbooks

Never miss an opportunity to nurture trust and loyalty



Proactive Planning

Playbooks not only empower your team to deliver a consistent level of service excellence but also help the clients understand the value of your relationship. 

Segment for Success

By defining the amount of time spent on each client segment, you ensure your team provides the highest standards of service. 

AM/vCIO Accountability

Gain visibility into your AM/vCIO activities to understand who is doing what and when to deliver outstanding client engagement.

Here is the problem

Without a system to define the level of service you deliver to your clients, the noisy ones will demand more attention and the quiet ones will be ignored.

Without playbooks, crucial client meetings only happen when it is convenient, leading to missed opportunities and disengaged clients. QBRs will only happen once or twice a year.

If you don't proactively define your client engagement, they will only ever see you as tech support.

Ad-hoc meetings come across as either sales related or not important enough for the key stakeholders to attend.

Let's see how you can get back the control and be on top of client projects...

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Client Engagement Activities CEA™

Use built-in or create your own Client Engagement Activities for playbooks. 

Now all your crucial human to human interactions can be defined and duplicated across your organization.


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Client Engagement Playbooks CEB™

Playbooks are made up of Client Engagement Activities CEA™

You can have playbooks for every client segment and for sales and onboarding


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Create Playbooks for Segments

Setup a cadence of activities based on the amount of touch you'd like to have with each client segment using activities.

Set a minimum target score to maintain for the segment to maintain engagement.

See a forecasted level of client engagement based on the seniority of the contacts who participate in the activities.

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From ad-hoc meeting schedules to clearly defined deliverables at a human level.

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Bring Accountability to Account Management

Client Engagement Scores CES™ let you measure the amount of current and forecasted connection with your clients and prospects.

See all of your Client Engagement Activities across all of your clients and account managers / vCIOs. 

See what's been completed, is planned and what's overdue.

Filter by Account Manager, Client Segment or who is On or Off Target

Never miss another crucial client meeting or QBR

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Forecast Healthy Client Relationships

Drill down into clients and see what activities are planned and completed.

Understand what your team is doing and keep accountable to the playbooks and activities

Connect delivered reports to activities and score based on contact seniority level

Never miss an opportunity to nurture trust and loyalty

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Many solution providers offer to tweak your business model or improve your efficiency - but very few can offer to transform your offering. Managed Services Platform aims to guide those of us aiming for more.

Rich Anderson

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Managed Services Platform is pretty cool. We've tried a lot of MSP coaching, training and marketing systems. We truly feel that the Managed Services Platform is the most in-depth, comprehensive, advanced and fastest evolving

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Managed Services Platform helps us to sell more SaaS but also helps us to get more revenue because we do more for the same client. The report tool forces us to get out of our comfort zone (the bits and bytes), and makes us focus on why a client needs IT.

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