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Challenges with your client meetings


Too much time to prepare for meetings

C-Level executives are not interested

"One size fits all" tools and processes

No standard or scalable workflow

Differentiate your MSP


You can turn every face-to-face meeting into a great experience making you a high-value business partner. Be a strategic consultant that hosts conversations instead of presentations.

Expand existing MRR


Conduct high-touch client meetings in a professional way. Manage the client's technical debts, establish roadmaps and communicate your delivered value. This all leads to increased project and service revenues.

Save Time 


Stop time-consuming report building by copy and paste. Spend more quality time with clients through interactive tools. Use only one tool for any type of client interaction such as QBRs, Audits, Sales or Strategy meetings.

Client Meeting Report Tool - Managed Services Platform

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Run Better Client Review Meetings

Unifying a Quarterly Business Review process is pretty hard. The audience varies client by client, your people have different processes and personalities, and each client has different maturity and goals.

By integrating the strategic components such as client roadmaps, needs assessments, service reviews with the tactical components such as best practice compliance, ticket reviews or billing conversations, you can run effective and engaging meetings that matter to your clients. 

Client Project Roadmaps

Running tactical client meetings leads to too much technical conversation and missing the business context of the technology recommendations.

Client Roadmaps help you to visualize the strategic theme around your recommendations. Drive consistent project cash flow, utilization, and a clear pipeline to communicate to clients and the team. Client Roadmaps are a summary of your client's strategic and tactical IT initiatives. They give you and your clients a clear view of what should be done, what is work in progress and what is completed.

Client Meeting Report Tool - Managed Services Platform

Not just for QBRs and Strategy Meetings

Manage Technology Best Practices, Technology Standards Adoption and Roadmaps, Collect Feedback, Perform Service Reviews


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Connectwise and Autotask Integration

We all know how much time can be saved by setting up a proper integration with your PSA. Our flexible integration helps you to focus on your client rather than administration.

  • Complete reports without leaving your PSA (Connectwise only)
  • Create Tickets to keep track of tasks as you go
  • Create Opportunities from Roadmaps and sync them both ways
  • Create PSA Projects from Roadmaps and sync them both ways
  • Sync Companies and Contacts both ways

Connectwise and Autotask Integration of Managed Services Platform

Roadmaps for a strategic perspective

Tactical technology recommendations lead to overwhelmed, confused and disengaged clients.

Client roadmaps help to turn your tactical recommendations into a strategic view. Help your clients forecast their technology spending over months, quarters and years. Show phases of projects as they move from recommended through to completed stages. Track who is responsible for any given project. Communicate what's next and be able to update the roadmap as you go.

Roadmaps for a strategic perspective

Make it a Conversation, not a Presentation

The lack of focus on relevant topics leads to a need for exchanging an overwhelming amount of information. This leaves the clients less engaged in a meeting.

A scripted client review focuses on specific topics, allows you to ask questions, take notes and involve your clients in the technology review process, encouraging engagement and adoption. Duplicate skills with structured client review storyboards that empower your account managers and vCIO to effectively and professionally run meetings with executive stakeholders.

Make it a Conversation, not a Presentation

Designed for your Clients to Understand

Your clients do not understand technology. Forcing them to make decisions on tactical elements disengages them.

Show your clients overall technology as a health score that they can understand with clear current and future targets. Show progress over time from one review to the next to reinforce the value of the work you deliver and help your clients adopt emerging technologies to keep their scores from falling. Have as few or as many categories as you want with fully customizable and brandable templates.

Designed for your Clients to Understand

Client Meeting Report Tool - Managed Services Platform

The most comprehensive tool within your budget

Flat fee model with unlimited clients, users, reports, and integrations with pre-built templates 


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Embed Live Tools

Maintaining client reports can be overwhelming and time-intensive with collecting all the information before the meeting.

You can set Brightgauge, SmileBack, Warranty Master and other reports easily once for a client then forget it forever. These items are updated in real time - no more screenshots or manual data entry needed. You can embed tools not only from your technology stack but also Office 365 Excel (budget, forecast...) Word (quote, proposal...), Powerpoint (presentation slides...) or PDF documents (agreements, contracts...)

Embed Live Tools of Managed Services Platform

Use Scorecards to Highlight data

Executives have less time but they have to make educated decisions quickly. Without their engagement, decisions are postponed, technology debt rises and the contract is at risk.

Leverage the scorecard widgets to gather data from user surveys and information from executives and add input to the meeting with your internal scorecards. Use and design your own scorecards and show those in one overall widget or analyze them separately. This helps inform your executives quickly based on real feedback and lets them make decisions more easily.

Use Scorecards to Highlight data

Embedded Calculators

The benefits of different technology projects or services are not always obvious and clear for executives. This can lead to poor decisions as they do not speak the technology language.

Drive business conversations with calculators. Discuss return on investment of a project with an ROI calculator, discuss risks with a downtime calculator, discuss productivity with the Office 365 productivity calculator or design your own calculator for your use case. This helps you to turn any technology decision into a business use case. That is the language your clients are speaking fluently.

Embedded Calculators of Managed Services Platform

Show the details of the recommendations

After an engaging meeting, many times a long period of back and forth emails and follow up meetings are needed to get to the approval stage of projects. That consumes a ton of time from you and from your clients.

If your clients were able to understand your recommendations with short, clear and concise information they could make much quicker decisions. Give them what they want with a brief description of the scope of each of your recommendations including the features, benefits, and deliverables. 80% of your projects should be coming from your project recommendation library with standard and predictable deliverables. Hundreds of available templates make it quick and easy to build an impressive plan.

IT Service Data Sheet

Client Meeting Report Tool - Managed Services Platform

Improve your client meetings in hours

Short learning curve, easy setup, out-of-box templates, academy courses, live training and guided implementation for teams


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Share or Print Reports

Communicating internally and with clients among the many different types of meetings can be overwhelming and things can fall between the cracks.

The integrated PDF reporting and secure online report sharing functions help you to build a 30-page detailed report, send a meeting agenda upfront, manage a roadmap on the meeting or send an engaging follow up after the session. Generate reports in a printable PDF format or share with clients through secure tracked links. It is up to you how you communicate with your team and clients.

Share or Print Managed Services PLatform's Reports

Embed Videos

Meeting times are tight and your required discussion points are endless from updating on your new services, talking about the new technology landscape, review of services, deciding on projects and so on.

Engage clients before, during and after meeting with videos. Video is the most popular format on the web. It is very likely that your executives are more engaged with a video during their coffee breaks rather than reading a 30 page printed document. Use prebuilt videos from expert guides, use your vendor's materials or create personal follow up videos to your reports made with your smartphone.


Service Reviews

Your services are made up of dozens if not hundreds of important line items. Reviewing all of your services is impossible without a proper high level of vision.

The service review widget pulls your client's services from your library and lets you mark the status and offer specific notes to each service.

Run through your service reviews with your clients regularly. This quick checkup will let them understand the amount of care they receive from you and all the issues that can be raised in the context of complete service delivery. It helps you to indicate different issues, make things very visual and easy to understand.

Managed Services Platform's Service Reviews

Service Sales

There are some constant struggles - to communicate updates and changes in the service offering with existing clients and to differentiate your offering in the eyes of a prospect.

The service selector widgets in the reporting tool can help you to price them based on your service offering, compare different options (even your competition's offering) and go into the details when needed. As this is connected with the needs assessment you can generate a service offer based on their needs. 

IT Service Sales

Client Audits

You, technicians, are collecting data regarding your clients to prepare the account managers or the owner for the client meeting. This data is often out of date and scattered across different systems.

Perform Technology Audits and measure your clients against your technology best practices or technology stack standards. Collect client information, tool screenshots or any other pieces of evidence to support your case. Use the direct ticket generation functions to create recommendation projects or remediation tickets on the fly.

Perform Technology Audit

Without a streamlined account management operation

Your QBRs remain too technical and less relevant to executives

You miss development project opportunities that increase margins

You spend too much time in tools preparing reports rather than being with clients


Become a Trusted Advisor with Strategic Client Meetings

Garry Adams at JMARK Business Solutions
We had challenges in upgrading our clients to our cybersecurity offering. Managed Services Platform helped to develop an effective process for our Account Management team to grow our existing client base.
Garry Adams
Client Relationship Manager / JMARK Business Solutions
Nick Stevens at Heroic Technologies
Since we use Managed Services Platform we have a consistent and effective QBR process that helped us to win more projects and maintain business conversations with executives.
Nick Stevens
Founding Partner / Heroic Technologies
Wouter Mertens at EXPRO IT
Managed Services Platform helped to cut down our QBR process in half the time. This enabled me to do regular QBRs with all key clients and delegate project opportunities to the service team.
Wouter Mertens
Business Manager / EXPRO IT


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