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Manage Client Roadmaps

Drive consistent project cash flow, utilization, and a clear pipeline to communicate to clients and the team.



Consistent Cashflow

Client Roadmaps help you to forecast project revenues and utilization. Manage the project pipeline with ease to make sure your team is closing projects on time.

A Strategic layer with clients

Client Roadmap is a summary of your client's IT Strategy. It establishes your Strategic Conversation and helps your team to be aligned with the client at a tactical level.

Visibility and Accountability

Client Roadmaps give you and your clients a clear view of what should be done, what is work in progress and what is completed.

Here is the problem

Your PSA is doing a great job with bigger projects but it does not give you and your clients clear visibility of the overall picture

Without an established Client Roadmap the QBRs are all about selling projects which makes you salesy and clients less engaged.

Without the clear view of the many projects your team is working on, they are getting reactive, frustrated and projects seems to be never done.

Without a clear forecast, you cannot handle properly the project pipeline which leads you to either feast or famine.

Clearly control revenue and relationships with Client Roadmaps

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How Client Roadmaps will help?

Client Roadmaps are part of the Client Engagement Module. Listening to hundreds of MSPs it got clear that the industry's current tools are not providing a solution for the complex challenges you are facing. Client Roadmap features are balancing ease of use with feature-rich environment to make sure your team can adapt fast and expand the usage later.

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How to develop a Client Roadmap?

  1. Communicate the Strategic Value of IT with the client the Conversation Storyboard
  2. Develop Client Roadmaps inside the Storyboard from ad-hoc or templated projects
  3. Set the timelines, statuses and estimate the budgets with the client
  4. Approve the Roadmap with the client for execution and quote the individual projects
  5. Sync the project to your PSA's Opportunities and Projects
  6. Consolidate Client Roadmaps to a company-wide Roadmap Portfolio for further analysis

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How long does it take to start using Client Roadmaps?

  1. Set up users, customize project statuses
  2. Connect to your PSA
  3. Add a client
  4. Start adding ad-hoc projects to a Client Roadmap
  5. Create Project Templates for frequently delivered projects

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From being frustrated by the lack of clarity to becoming confident having Client Roadmaps with all clients.

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Three levels of roadmaps

Manage your client's initiatives with such as Office 365 Adoption Projects, IT Infrastructure Development Projects in a Project Roadmap Level. Then view and manage all client related projects on a Client Roadmap. Then analyze all of your MSP's projects on a Roadmap Portfolio view.

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Many solution providers offer to tweak your business model or improve your efficiency - but very few can offer to transform your offering. Managed Services Platform aims to guide those of us aiming for more.

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Managed Services Platform is pretty cool. We've tried a lot of MSP coaching, training and marketing systems. We truly feel that the Managed Services Platform is the most in-depth, comprehensive, advanced and fastest evolving

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Managed Services Platform helps us to sell more SaaS but also helps us to get more revenue because we do more for the same client. The report tool forces us to get out of our comfort zone (the bits and bytes), and makes us focus on why a client needs IT.

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