Orientation Meeting

Close Deals with Consultative Sales Meetings

Differentiate from your competition, command high prices and control the buying process




Differentiate Your Brand

Connect your clients business problems to your technology solutions

Command Higher Prices

Effectively communicate the business value of technology as IT changes and new technologies emerge

Control the Buying Process

Duplicatable sales process across your team that puts you in control as a guide to your clients' needs

Here is the problem

No clear process to explain how technology solves business problems, so prospects see IT as a cost, not an investment.

The sales process is personality based and cannot be duplicated.

Too much industry-specific language leaves customers confused and left to buy on price.

The threat landscape changes so fast it's a constant battle to communicate what's new and relevant.

IT Support isn't exciting anymore.  Nobody cares about your services.

Control the sales process and buy a guide to your prospects and clients who helps them solve their business problems with technology

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Define your offering

Clearly defined services mean everyone is on the same page.

No more scope creep or overselling and under delivering.

True brand differentiation.  You can say what's included and what isn't to help prospects see the real value.

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Connect business problems to technology solutions

Only technologists get excited about IT.  Solving business problems is exciting for your clients.  Use the Needs Assessment to connect everyday problems to your technology solutions and guides your clients to a buying decision.

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Real Differentiation

Show your prospects and clients what's included and compare service bundles.

Make it easy to upsell new services as they emerge and your offering changes.

Migrate clients on old plans to new plans by letting them select the value of solving business problems.

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Now you have a simple, duplicatable system to explain the business value of your MSP

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Everything is ready

Managed Services Platform has hundreds of templated projects and services which are fully white labeled and can be customized by you.

Templates are curated by industry experts so you can choose the flavor that fits your business.

You can define your own services and service bundles so you're not seen as only the custodian of infrastructure.

Build new offerings as new technologies emerge.

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Be interested, not interesting

Ask questions and take notes right inside the meeting storyboard.

Learn about your prospects goals and business so you can help guide them to the right buying decision using your technology.


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Get Started with an Orientation Meeting

1. Schedule an Orientation Meeting

2. Tell us your story and your challenges

3. Watch how the software can help

4. Calculate the Return on Time and Investment

5. Decide on the next steps


Schedule an Orientation Meeting

Many solution providers offer to tweak your business model or improve your efficiency - but very few can offer to transform your offering. Managed Services Platform aims to guide those of us aiming for more.

Rich Anderson

CEO / Imagine IT

Managed Services Platform is pretty cool. We've tried a lot of MSP coaching, training and marketing systems. We truly feel that the Managed Services Platform is the most in-depth, comprehensive, advanced and fastest evolving

Nick Stevens

Founding Partner / Heroic Technologies

Managed Services Platform helps us to sell more SaaS but also helps us to get more revenue because we do more for the same client. The report tool forces us to get out of our comfort zone (the bits and bytes), and makes us focus on why a client needs IT.

Wouter Mertens

Business Manager / EXPRO IT