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Including the widgets in your website literally takes 5 minutes. No big hairy long projects needed; just include the items into your existing website, and enjoy the show.



A very comprehensive infographic style report can be generated from the analysis in several languages. You are able to highlight areas you think are most relevant, and add your suggestions and notes. All of this can be completed in under 1 hour in an interactive workshop with your clients.



It's important that the vCIO is a resource that we as owners can control, set goals for, and make accountable.  He or she has a big impact and influence on our clients, and so must be able to collaborate effectively with our MSP team and other IT service providers.  The platform support is designed to ensure a high level of accountability and communication to optimize the effectiveness of the vCIO.

Integration Snapshot

Consultative Sales functions right in your Connectwise

  • Send pre-defined business discovery questionnaires to your prospects
  • Analyze their scores and create an automated action plan to fix their problems
  • Create beautiful reports based on their answers to engage them
  • Use questionnaires to highlight Managed Service, IT Security, Application Management and vCIO services
  • Conduct discovery workshops to differentiate your company from the herd
  • Access the entire consultative sales process from within your Connectwise on a tab in your company screen

Account Management Processes executed in Connectwise

  • An extensive array of Account Management services and processes
  • Build your own Account Management practice based on service templates
  • Perform a Quarterly Business Review with business reports, plans and additional projects through a wizard
  • Use various different questionnaires to score your clients and help them succeed with a technology roadmap based on your standards
  • Deploy your service deliverables to the Project Module and help keep your AMs accountable
  • Access all Account Management Service planning, agreements, deployment and execution carried out within your Connectwise account.

Implement vCIO Services to capture additional revenues in Connectwise

  • Choose vCIO Services from $500 - $5000 Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • Build your own vCIO Packages based on templates and illustrative service descriptions
  • Learn and be certified on the suite of different vCIO service line items
  • Create a learning and implementation roadmap for your Account Managers and Client Advisors to become vCIOs
  • Deploy a client-facing workspace to collaborate with and engage your clients
  • Learn, plan, deploy and execute the add-on vCIO services from your Connectwise directly

Trusted worldwide

Below is where you can show off some of your clients and testimonials from customers.


" With out Reframe we would be making it up as we go and also delivering add hoc. Its like project management office for your virtual CIO delivery. "

Roy Solterbeck, IT Intellect (AU)

" ReframeYourClients has helped us build a rock solid sales process that truly brings value to the client from the very first meeting. In the next 5-10 years MSPs will have to focus on bringing business value with more than just behind the scenes IT management. By integrating MSP 2.0 Virtual CIO services MSPs can provide more value and be an integral part of the full business not just a single vendor. "

Jeremy Heslop, OmniTechPro (US)

" With out Reframe we would be making it up as we go and also delivering add hoc. Its like project management office for your virtual CIO delivery. "

Frances Stahl, Fully Managed (CA)

MSP 2.0 is spreading all over the world now

ReframeYourClients is your guiding assistant on your path of implementing the MSP 2.0 model, to become a real business partner to your clients and differentiate yourself through consultative sales, account management and vCIO tools and processes.


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