MSP 2.0 vCIO Delivery Platform

The pathway to scalable, profitable Virtual CIO and Account Management services


vCIO/AM Services are all about delivering high level, high-touch IT services your clients desire. In order for this to be a scalable operation it has to be a service with clearly defined deliverables, processes, and best practices. The Virtual CIO/AM needs the proper tools to collaborate, communicate and engage the client executives. The result will be a profitable and scalable service with enduring customer satisfaction.

Implement vCIO/AM services and move up to the next generation of IT management.


1. Designing vCIO/AM Pricing, Packaging and Offering

One of the biggest challenges MSPs are facing is the packaging of the vCIO/AM services. The billable hours model does not work in this client segment, and attaching the vCIO/AM to the MSP program does not allow us the time necessary to bring value to the customer at a competitive price and still be profitable. We need a different approach.

2. Creating the vCIO/AM Service Agreement

The vCIO/AM Contract defines the specific vCIO/AM elements you offer to each client. It allows you to precisely customize your packages to the specific need. It does not sacrifice the standardization, but rather gives the ability to tailor the different items for the company size, number of departments and managers, and the number of projects they want you to manage.

3. vCIO/AM Ongoing and Project Workspaces

The vCIO/AM is not a technical but rather a business resource. PSA applications are wired neither for client-facing work nor for consultative jobs. That is why the client-facing, ongoing and project workspaces are so popular among MSPs and clients working together. All the strategies, plans and policies are in one place, together with meeting memos, project meetings and all the discussions and collaboration throughout the project. You even can use the workspace from your Connectwise!

4. vCIO/AM Governance

Implementing the vCIO/AM services is one of the most challenging elements of the whole vCIO/AM life: new clients, new services, new resources. The streamlined onboarding and implementation process helps you to give a very tangible and remarkable user experience. Using consultative best practices will ensure the client feels comfortable and puts you firmly in the role of trusted advisor.

5. Scaling the vCIO/AM and IT consultancy services

It might seem that one of the most challenging tasks is staffing, onboarding and managing the vCIO/AM role. But this is not a problem if we maintain clear methods, processes, agreements, job description, goals and governance. It's not a matter of finding a superstars; the vCIO/AM role is clearly defined, so we can staff and manage it easily.