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IT Consultative Sales Quickstarter Pack


Differentiate yourself from your competition and become sales ready in 30 days


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The missing process to generate predictable sales 

Selling MSP services is a very unpredictable and long process. If prospects have no visible pain they won't change their providers if only for a better price.

Generating demand among high-value, high-maturity clients with potential is a challenge as they have no IT infrastructure problems left to solve.

Everybody can claim to be an MSP so it’s difficult to differentiate from the competition.

The problem is that selling to high-value prospects who don’t have immediate IT needs requires a different approach than MSPs are used to.

IT Consultative Sales Process

Define a process that goes beyond simply assessing the prospect's IT infrastructure and send a proposal that invites the prospect to a conversation.

Predictable Demand Generation

Generate efficient interactive engagement tools and high-quality evergreen content to generate demand for the ideal client base.

Close High Value Contracts

Perform engaging discovery workshops, generate high level digital transformation strategies and send proposals that can be signed off quickly.

Win new clients in a predictable way

Short learning curve, easy setup, out-of-box templates, academy courses, live training and guided implementation for teams

5 Step IT Consultative Sales Framework

This program was developed to give you a comprehensive step-by-step approach and the tools to take your sales activities to the next level.

We’ve started with a IT consultative sales model to break down this problem into manageable pieces. 

IT Consultative Sales Framework

90 Day Implementation Process

Day 1. The process kickstart with clarifying your message and customize the given lead magnets in your first day.

Week 1. This allows you to start generating leads and test your assumptions in the first week.

Month 1. The rest of the month is to reach out to prospects and adopt the Qualification / Strategy and Proposal Meetings

IT Consultative Sales Framework Implementation Process

From finding new clients ad-hoc to winning new business at least every quarter

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1. Change the narrative

If you are not different, it is hard to look different. The key to MSP sales success is to change the narrative from an IT infrastructure theme to a Digital Transformation theme.

This allows you to reframe the problem and set new expectations for your prospects. 

Move from being "another MSP" to a high-value business partner who can help grow their business.

Use the provided workbook, templates and examples to write your own compelling story pitch.

IT Consultative Sales - Change the narrative

2. Become a thought leader

Once you’ve changed the narrative to Digital Transformation the field has endless room to generate engaging content quickly.

Use the provided email nurture campaigns, landing pages and interactive content templates to start.

Learn how to quickly generate very engaging video content with webinars or interviews to start your own movement or just create evergreen content.

IT Consultative Sales - become a thought leader


3. Leverage the First Impression

We know small business owners have trouble understanding how digital technologies can enable their business to grow. You are able to generate your initial discovery call with them with an effective Digital Maturity Grading process. This helps them see their potential at a glance and have an action plan for digital transformation so they grow their businesses.

Use the provided calls to action, grader templates and the discovery video call script for a start. Then you can develop your own qualification process to establish yourself as a trusted authority.

IT Consultative Sales - leverage the first impression

4. Control the process

After the initial discovery call you can move forward to a deeper needs assessment process. This way you are not just giving them ideas but based on their current situation you are able to develop a quick but effective roadmap for Digital Transformation.

Use the provided Needs Assessment, project recommendations and roadmap. Then you can customize the assets and create your own process.

MSP discovery processIT Consultative Sales -  workshop process

5. It's time to close the deal

Once you’ve come this far the chance of closing the deal is significantly high. However, we want to eliminate all the roadblocks to get the ball rolling.

Present your roadmap, their problems and the impact of their issues as critical with your solution being the medicine in context.

Presentation of the price as an investment; it eliminates confusion and provides social proof critical to reduce the time of the decision.

Creating a clear path forward and what happens after will build their confidence in signing the deal.

Use the provided widgets of the report template to generate a high conversion rate proposal.

IT Consultative Sales -  your proposal


Step 1. Sign up for an intro call

Step 2. Add the Quickstarter Pack

Step 3. Follow the course and the process

Step 4. Start generating leads 


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On-Demand Courses

Academy Courses with videos, text, progress check, bonus materials and quizzes.

  1. Consultative Sales Foundations
  2. Your Message
  3. Your Lead Magnet
  4. Your Qualification
  5. Your Workshop
  6. Your Proposal
  7. Scale the Process

IT consultative sales courses

Optional Guided Implementation

Guided Implementation is a Private Masterclass series delivered directly to your team. The coach goes through the same process as on the normal Masterclasses but focuses on your company problems and enhances collaboration and buy-in from your team.

Consultative Sales Framework implementation process

Live Training

Learn the fundamentals in the platform and the solution set to turn your goals into reality. These interactive small group sessions allow you to get your questions answered, exchange ideas with others and to implement the tools and templates quickly.

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Managed Services Platform's live training

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