Smart Lead Magnets



Smart Bars are at the top of the page to capture attention and drive your content, assessment, or subscription.  It is smart because it can shuffle the offers, hide them if they are not needed, and handle lead capturing.



The most intrusive, however highest converting element pops up after a set time interval and offers the visitor a relevant offer.  This is smart because it can only pop up once, daily, weekly or monthly. It's great for getting visitors engaged with very specific offers.



More intrusive than a smart bar, but less than the pop over, this little box slides along the side when the page is scrolled up or down.  This is smart because it can promote your blog, manage subscriptions to your ebook, or even start a grader.

System + Content + Control = No Time Wasted!

The system is integrated so everything is in one spot.  Now you don't have to manage separate email software, plugins and marketing automation tools to get the job done.

White labelled e-books, graders, email campaigns, infographics and more!.  All ready to be delivered to your prospects.  

You control the content, who sees what, where and when they receive more information.  Everything from the look and feel to the flow of information is in your control.   

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By using the grader and the marketing library we are able to start a demand generation funnel more easily instead of having to generate our own.

Jeremy Heslop

OmniTechPro (US)

RYC is really awesome; by delivering great tools which are getting better and better month by month. By delivering a great frame work with all the needed templates, examples and course material. 

Wouter Mertens 
Expro IT (NL)

We really like the fact that it doesn't just cover a single topic like sales or marketing, but covers a variety including personal development.

Nick Stevens
Heroic Technologies (US)



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