Denes Purnhauser

CEO at Managed Services Platform

Denes Purnhauser - Client Engagement Expert Guide for MSPs

His mission is to turn the abundance of opportunities technology has to offer into measurable business results.


The vast majority of organizations do not have a practice or the processes in place to leverage technology innovations ahead of their competition. For many businesses, technology is not a strategic asset, it is an expense and they are leaving money on the table. Unfortunately, they have also become less competitive.

He thinks that technology with proper management can be a game changer for any business or industry regardless of size.

He builds products, services, partnerships, and companies to make this happen. He works with businesses and executives regardless if they are IT savvy or not.

He works with IT service companies (MSPs) to help them create value for their clients.

He is a system-thinking, methodology-driven, social guy whose obsession is starting, pushing, and building something regardless of area, field, or industry.




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