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We messed up the August Webinar timing...ahhh the problem with being a gobal company! So we are giving everyone another chance to attend at a reasonable time!

Recently we at Humanize IT came across an interesting company in the pen testing world, Vonahi Security. We think their solution fits into the Humanized MSP in that they empower your average engineer to run a pen test as part of their stack without being a specialist!  

In this webinar Alton Johnson and Adam Walter will discuss how the security world is becoming more accessible to engineers and how you can Humanize your approach to security with an easy to use pen testing tool that you can integrate into your existing Technology Stack today without hiring expensive new personnel!


  • Overview of Penetration Testing as a Service
  • How penetration testing increases perceived value
  • Increase your service stack offering with a pen testing tool
  • Increase profits with vPENTEST





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