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Orientation Meeting


Schedule your Growth Planning Session



Unleash Your Team's Growth Potential by structuring your Account Management and vCIO Operation with Client Engagement Score

What is the process?

In this 60-minute assessment meeting, we will work with you to:

We Understand Your Potential

  • current company size, structure, and maturity
  • your current Account Management / vCIO activities
  • your client portfolio's growth potential
  • your team's growth potential

We set a SMART Goal for Growth

  • Structure Am/vCIO Processes for the next 90 days
  • Required client meetings
  • Required remediation plans

We Set an Action Plan to Achieve the Growth Goal

  • We clarify the action plan
  • We review the implemented software functions
  • We review the implementation process

Leave with well defined next steps

Your Expert Guide: Myles Olson


mylesMyles Olson has been working as an Expert Guide for years in shaping the member’s perception of how High-Value Business Conversations can be a competitive advantage. He’s discovered that technical presentations are not effective in building business relationships, but business conversations are.

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