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Upsell Your Services With IT Client Engagement Software

Understand your client’s business and articulate your value through technology recommendations.


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Build a Scalable Account Management and vCIO Operation
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Become a Trusted Advisor with Strategic Client Meetings
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Account Managers and vCIOs now have more ways but fewer chances to interact with their clients than ever before. Managed Services Platform allows your team to have contextual, meaningful conversations with your C-level executive clients via IT audits, QBRs and IT strategy meetings and turn every meeting into a great client experience, building long term, loyal clients.

Differentiate your MSP


You can turn every face-to-face meeting into a great experience making you a high-value business partner. Be a strategic consultant that hosts conversations instead of presentations.

Expand existing MRR


Conduct high-touch client meetings in a professional way. Manage the client's technical debts, establish roadmaps and communicate your delivered value. This all leads to increased project and service revenues.

Save Time 


Stop time-consuming report building by copy and paste. Spend more quality time with clients through interactive tools. Use only one tool for any type of client interaction such as QBRs, IT Audits, IT Sales or IT Strategy meetings.

Here's how  IT Client Engagement Software makes your job easier...

1. Customize Strategic Client Reports 

Unifying a quarterly business review process is pretty hard. Your audience varies client by client, your people have different processes and personalities, and each client has different maturity and goals. By integrating your strategic components, such as IT client roadmaps, needs assessments, IT service reviews with the tactical components, such as best practice compliance, ticket reviews and billing conversations, you will be able to build effective and engaging meeting reports that will matter to your clients. - FEATURES YOU’LL LOVE

ok-orange Free & Paid Quarterly Business Review (QBR) and Strategy Meeting Templates
ok-orange Free & Paid NIST Cybersecurity Templates
ok-orange Free & Paid  IT Infrastructure Audit Templates
ok-orange Free & Paid Office 365 Audit Templates
ok-orange IT Report Builder

Quarterly Business Review template


2. Connect Business Problems to Technology Solutions

A scripted client review will focus on specific topics, will allow you to ask questions and take notes, involve your clients in the technology review processes, and encourage engagement and adoption. But your clients may not understand the technology and forcing them to make decisions on tactical elements will surely disengage them. So then, what to do? Show your clients overall technologies as a health business scorecard that they can understand easily, and you can use it to determine your MSP’s effort to make fortify your client’s business. - FEATURES YOU’LL LOVE

ok-orange Business IT Health Score
ok-orange 3rd-Party Data Visualization
ok-orange IT Service Review & Scorecard
ok-orange IT Project Scope

QBR process


Not just for IT Audits, QBRs and IT Strategy Meetings

Manage Technology Best Practices, Technology Standards Adoption and Client IT Roadmaps, Collect Feedback, Perform IT Service Reviews


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3. Articulate Value with Client IT Roadmaps

Tactical technology recommendations lead to overwhelmed, confused and disengaged clients. Client IT roadmaps help to turn your tactical recommendations into a strategic view. Help your clients forecast their technology spending over months, quarters and years. Show phases and their budgets in projects as they move from recommended through to completed stages. - FEATURES YOU’LL LOVE

ok-orange Client IT Roadmap
ok-orange IT Budgeting
ok-orange IT Service Selector
ok-orange Price Calculator

IT roadmap


4. Sync Opportunities with PSA

We all know how much time and effort can be saved by aligning IT sales with operations and integrating opportunities with your PSA. Our flexible integration will help you to focus on your client rather than administrating. Create tickets to keep track of tasks as you go, create opportunities from client IT roadmaps, and synchronize them in all directions. - FEATURES YOU’LL LOVE

ok-orange Connectwise Opportunity Integration

Connectwise integration


Improve your client meetings in hours

Short learning curve, easy setup, out-of-box templates, academy courses, live training and guided implementation for teams


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5. Demonstrate Your Progress

Track with your clients who are responsible for any given projects that impact transparency experiences. For the same reason, communicate next-steps and update IT project statuses and IT budgets on your client IT roadmaps as your managed IT services team goes. - FEATURES YOU’LL LOVE

ok-orange IT Project Management
ok-orange Task Management
ok-orange IT Budget Management

IT project management


6. Keep Client IT Strategic Plan Alive

Show long-term strategic progress over time from one review to the next, to reinforce the value of the work you are delivering and help your clients adopt emerging technologies to keep their scores from falling. IT benchmark scoring gives your clients an overview of your effectiveness, efficiency, and success rate of strategic business goals. - FEATURES YOU’LL LOVE

ok-orange IT Performance Benchmark

IT performance benchmark


The most comprehensive IT Client Engagement software within your budget

Flat fee model with unlimited clients, users, reports, and integrations with pre-built templates 


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Managed Services Platform is easy to use. By following the above process you and your team will be able to use our onboarding service if need be. Learn how to generate IT client engagement with five perfect QBRs in 30 Days. It requires only 5 client meetings to conduct the process in 30 days. Yes, you will have some initial setup processes, but the implementation happens with you and clients together in 4 different stages. There is step-by-step course material available you will be able to easily follow. - SERVICES AND FEATURES YOU’LL LOVE

ok-orange IT Client Engagement Quickstarter Pack
ok-orange NIST Cybersecurity Framework Quickstarter Pack
ok-orange Managed Services Platform Member-Only Live Training
ok-orange Standard Adoption Score

Perfect QBR process


Guided Implementation

We offer you a full suite of consulting, technical services and project management to help you maximize your account management and vCIO results with Managed Services Platform. Add-on to the IT Client Engagement Quickstarter Pack with 1-1 sessions and additional template customization or migration on the back end and our expert guide will help you with report migration, customization, branding of your report, and also to develop additional widgets that integrate with your own stack. - SERVICE AND FEATURE YOU’LL LOVE

ok-orange IT Client Engagement Guided Implementation

quarterly business review template


Partner Solution

Building an MSP is extremely challenging because of the rapid change in the industry, the ever-growing client expectations, and the nature of the service business. Our strategic partner, Virtual C offers you a new standard for differentiating, communicating, and monetizing your expertise and gives you everything you need to present yourself as a high-value business partner with the know-how, guidance, and tools you need to build your own vCIO program. - SERVICES AND FEATURES YOU’LL LOVE

ok-orange Humanize IT Framework

Virtual CIO services



Your QBRs remain too technical and less relevant to executives

You miss IT development project opportunities that increase margins

You spend too much time in tools preparing IT reports rather than being with clients


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Garry Adams at JMARK Business Solutions
We had challenges in upgrading our clients to our cybersecurity offering. Managed Services Platform helped to develop an effective process for our Account Management team to grow our existing client base.
Garry Adams
Client Relationship Manager / JMARK Business Solutions
Nick Stevens at Heroic Technologies
Since we use Managed Services Platform we have a consistent and effective QBR process that helped us to win more projects and maintain business conversations with executives.
Nick Stevens
Founding Partner / Heroic Technologies
Wouter Mertens at EXPRO IT
Managed Services Platform helped to cut down our QBR process in half the time. This enabled me to do regular QBRs with all key clients and delegate project opportunities to the service team.
Wouter Mertens
Business Manager / EXPRO IT