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Orientation Meeting


Assess your current IT Security Maturity Level


Assess your current IML and plan the process to move to the next level


  • Understand the components of a cybersecurity assessment program
  • Review sales training
  • Customize sales/marketing templates
  • Learn how to select security products to use for assessments
  • Learn how to fill out the assessment report template
  • Learn how to present findings to the customer
  • Choose your own information-gathering tool(s) and assessment program components
  • Package your assessment as a monetized service offer


  • Use customized template marketing materials to educate business leaders on their need for security, which starts with an assessment
  • Qualify leads with a preliminary cybersecurity maturity assessment


  • Sell a full assessment using the template SOW provided in the Solution Set


  • Perform the assessment activities
  • Fill in the report template
  • Build proposals for immediate recommendations
  • Build projects for long-term recommendations
  • Present findings and remediation recommendations to customer


  • Perform paid remediation projects.

Your Security Expert Guide: Caleb Christopher



Caleb worked at an MSP who wanted to build a security program. He felt the frustrations of needing to develop an education program to help clients understand cybersecurity and their need to do something about it, needing to choose the right cybersecurity tools, train-up or staff-up for security, and mobilize a salesforce and technical team around a cybersecurity program offering.

Caleb was a Director of Technical Operations at a cybersecurity firm, managing a penetration testing team, vulnerability assessments, and conducting consultative executive summary briefings with customers.

He’s authored articles in BoardRoom Magazine, is a regular speaker at regional IT and Information Security conferences, and is an active member of the local information security community.

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