Many MSPs can’t differentiate themselves from their industry peers and go to battle over price all too often. The best way to establish a solid relationship and trust with a potential client is to understand them, identify their pain points and help them to learn how they can overcome them, with your help.

This little grader is a tool you can put onto your site as you see right here. We’re using our tool to actually show it to you now. Deployment takes a few minutes and works on any website.

Consider sending it to your prospects before your first meeting, or even going through it with them. Asking the questions will identify pain points and the opportunity to dispense quick-relief advice, but most importantly to differentiate how we think, who we are and how we can deliver vale to their enterprise..

You can customize

- the design
- the questions
- the answers on the pdf and html output
- the text in the report
- the scores and thresholds

(basically everything).




There is a whole library of different Graders waiting for you to leverage. You can create your own Grader which you can share across the community. The library shows the results and conversations of the given Graders.



You can control everything on the Grader. The thank you page, the questions, the advice, the call to action, pictures, links, and even videos can be included. Everything is yours to customize!

embed in seconds


Simple to create call to action buttons that you embed into your website.  The click launches the questionnaire, and you capture the lead. It is that simple.

The goal is to engage visitors and offer them relevant and compelling content.


By using the grader and the MSP marketing library we are able to start a demand generation funnel more easily instead of having to generate our own.

Jeremy Heslop

OmniTechPro (US)

ReframeYourClients is really awesome; by delivering great tools which are getting better and better month by month. By delivering a great frame work with all the needed templates, examples and course material. 

Wouter Mertens 
Expro IT (NL)

We really like the fact that it doesn't just cover a single topic like sales or marketing, but covers a variety including personal development.

Nick Stevens
Heroic Technologies (US)



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