Jamison West

EOS® Implementer, Advisor, Consultant, & Speaker at Jamison West


Jamison West is the CEO of both TimeZest and SmileBack. TimeZest is a customer self-scheduling solution for ConnectWise Manage. SmileBack is Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty solution also for many ticketing platforms. I am also a Consultant, Coach, Speaker, and EOS® Implementer.

Jamison was a business major at the University of Washington, focused on Human Resources and Marketing. He launched his IT Consulting business in 1995 in Seattle, making four acquisitions from 2010 to 2012. He sold his business in 2016 and co-founded Teamatics in early 2017. Jamison’s path to success has been paved by his ability to be a motivational leader, a capable business consultant, and an industry visionary.

After years of helping develop people within organizations he has led or worked with, he is thrilled to be helping organizations leverage their greatest asset, people, to perform better.


  • Think about why people care? Why they are going to follow you?
  • What internal/external/philosophical problems you help to solve
  • Facts about the past - to create authority (titles, past jobs)
  • Personal Passion - to create momentum
  • Personal Super Powers - to create uniqueness
  • Personal interest/hobby - to make you human