Josh Weiss

President, Founder and Virtual CIO at L.A. Creative Technologies


As an outsourcing and automation expert (in addition to music event producer & dj!) , I know how to align partners with their MSP toolstack and optimize their operations for success. Simply put, I’m in the business of helping others improve their business. I do more than just help increase efficiency - I show clients how to enhance the quality of their daily interactions with their partners and tools.

My partnership with Continuum’s Help Desk spans more than 5 years of working daily with their techs and leadership. During this time I’ve learned about and overcome some major obstacles to implementing and benefitting from the service. And I now teach, coach and implement operations improvement programs allowing MSP’s to gain maximum value from their partnerships. 

My training includes long-term MSP Operations Coaching from Sea Level Operations in addition to 10 years of constantly improving my company’s own internal process and partner collaboration. I’m fanatical about tracking and testing tools in the MSP community, ingesting blog articles like crazy, early-access beta testing new solutions and maintaining relationships with product management leaders. My passion is helping innovative business leaders get more done in less time!