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Plan, measure and deliver high-touch client engagement activities



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High-Value Meetings


You can turn every face-to-face meeting into a great experience making you a high-value business partner. Be a strategic consultant that hosts conversations instead of presentations. Make decisions happen and spend less time on preparation.

Scalable AM/vCIO Operation


Your Account Management and vCIO processes can be defined, structured and managed without relying on the individual's own style, knowledge or skillsets. Share and apply standard templates and best practices among the team.

Complete Accountability


By planning the client engagement playbooks for each client segment and by assigning the playbooks to your account managers you create clarity, visibility, and accountability. Set goals and expectations for Account Managers and track their progress.

Here's the problem

To become a high-value business partner means more face-to-face interactions with increased complexity. This leads to all kinds of problems. You need to hire more expensive people, spend more time with clients and you need to manage many custom processes.

Many MSPs give up on the transition process as only the owner is capable of all required tasks. That leads to overwork, frustration, and falling short of client expectations.

Increased touch with clients needs to be a sustainable process led by increased revenues and a streamlined process.

Deliver high-value QBRs and provide strategic roadmaps

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Run Better Client Review Meetings - The QBR


Unifying a Quarterly Business Review process is pretty hard. The audience varies client by client, your people have different processes and personalities, and each client has different maturity and goals.

By integrating the strategic components such as client roadmaps, needs assessments, service reviews with the tactical components such as best practice compliance, ticket reviews or billing conversations, you can run effective and engaging meetings that matter to your clients,


See how to run great QBRs

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Client Project Roadmaps

Drive consistent project cash flow, utilization, and a clear pipeline to communicate to clients and the team. 

Client Roadmaps are a summary of your client's strategic and tactical IT initiatives.

Client Roadmaps give you and your clients a clear view of what should be done, what is work in progress and what is completed.


See how roadmaps help

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Structure your Account Management and run an efficient client engagement operation

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Structure your Account Management


Client Engagement Playbooks help to define what activities you deliver to different client segments.

Structure the Account Management and vCIO processes so you’re less reactive and more proactive.

Assign the playbooks to clients and then track the execution.

Assign Account Managers to Clients and monitor activities.

Never miss another crucial client engagement.


See how playbooks help

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Run an Effective Account Management Operation


Run the Account Management and vCIO team effectively by making the team accountable

Cut the “busywork” and do “quality work”. 

Let the entire team follow the same processes.

Gain visibility into what attention clients need and when.


See how to create accountability

Differentiate with a Productized Service Offering and Close Deals with Consultative Sales Meetings

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Differentiate with a Productized Service Offering


Defining your offering elevates you from the commodity MSP to a high-value business partner. Show the value to existing clients. If you don’t define your value, your clients will do it for you. Your clients will see you for the real business value you provide in supporting their goals of profitability, productivity, and continuity of their businesses.


See how productization helps



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Close Deals with Consultative Sales Meetings


Differentiate from your competition, command high prices and control the IT buying process.

Manage the complete sales/buying interaction with a clear process. Implement duplicatable sales processes that anyone can follow to success.

Effectively communicate the value of technology as the solutions change.

Differentiate from competitors by understanding & offering what the clients want by providing “Leadership” with a buying process.


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