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If an MSP clearly communicates the business value of technology and its services


it is more likely to grow

At Managed Services Platform, we know managed service providers have trouble communicating their value in such a way they can stay relevant, differentiate and grow. 

We’ve created software that can help design, deliver and scale engaging high-value meetings so that they can demonstrate their value, differentiate from the competition and win new business.



Many MSP owners find it hard to grow their business because clients and prospects do not view them as strategic partners.

Without being able to clearly communicate the business value of technologies and their services, they cannot demonstrate their value, differentiate from the competition and win new business.

MSP Challenges



Our platform allows managed services providers to design high-value client interactions, deliver engaging client meetings, and scale Account Management, vCIO and IT consultative sales operations.

When managed service providers communicate through Managed Services Platform over QBRs, IT Strategy Meetings, IT Audits or IT Sales Needs Assessments, their clients realize their business opportunities and the high value the MSP brings to the table.

MAnaged Services Platform solution

Owners, account managers, vCIOs and IT sales people are working hard but should have access to processes, blueprints, integrations and playbooks to make the client experience outstanding and their work productive.

Our successful members clearly communicate business value

Our users are small MSP owners, Account Managers, vCIOs and IT Sales People communicating with clients and prospects. They can be described as:

Forward Thinking


They make hard working small businesses successful by leading them through their digital transformation

Great Communicators


They discover business requirements and translate them into technology solutions



They set goals and create strategies and are very consistent in their execution

What does their daily experience look like?

While every client facing role is different, every successful member prides themselves on taking action. Every day each of them:



They have a habit of planning client meetings ahead, have the end results in mind and prepare without rushing



They get things done and keep both clients and the internal team accountable



They’re curious and learn, discover, share and apply best practices every day to get better

When you sign up with Managed Services Platform, you're signing up to clearly communicate the business value of technology and your MSP's services