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vCIO Challenges

- Without a clear focus, vCIOs are having technical conversations without a business purpose 

- Most MSP agreements lack the budget to deliver engaging business vCIO services

- Profitability is lost when you are not compensated for delivering valuable vCIO services

- Without a proper service definition, processes and best practices are difficult vCIO services to scale

- Without proper pricing, packaging, and sellable vCIO services, this role remains a cost-center rather than a growth opportunity

Stay Relevant

Become a high-value business partner for your key executives.

Increase Growth

Price, package and sell your stand-alone vCIO services that expand revenues.

Structure vCIO Activities

Implement a repeatable process to scale your vCIO services.




Step 1. We'll discuss and identify your unique challenges

Step 2. We'll suggest a smart goal

Step 3. Sign up and become a high-value business partner 

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Develop vCIO Services

Design your own vCIO service bundles, service line items and calculate your profitable packages for different client segments.

Develop vCIO Services



Deliver vCIO Services

Deliver high-value business conversations with Audits, Workshops, and Assessments. Develop enticing IT Strategies, Roadmaps and Budgets with your client executives.

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Deliver vCIO Services



Scale vCIO Services

Segment your clients, plan playbooks, track activities and manage recurring tasks to streamline your operation. Scale the team with a repeatable process, activity monitoring, and dashboards for transparent visibility.

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Scale vCIO Services



Without proper vCIO services

- You are unlikely to be compensated for your value

- Your competition might be perceived as more relevant

- You corner yourself with commodity technology work


Become a Trusted Advisor with Strategic Client Meetings

Rich Anderson at Imagine IT
Managed Services Platform helped us design and sell a $7,000 MRR vCIO contract to our existing client very quickly.
Rich Anderson
CEO / Imagine IT
Tom McDonald at NSI
Managed Services Platform's vCIO reporting tool helped our Technical Account Managers to advance and deliver effective and strategic vCIO services.
Tom McDonald
President / NSI
Wouter Mertens at EXPRO IT
Managed Services Platform's vCIO tool is a game-changer. It makes us better than other IT managed service providers in our market. With this platform we can deliver more value to our clients and have fun!
Wouter Mertens
Business Manager / EXPRO IT



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