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Challenges with your sales

Not getting in front of enough qualified prospects

Frustrating to hear that your competition is doing the same just cheaper

You give away services such as vCIO consultation or Cybersecurity without getting paid

It is very hard to align what is being offered by sales and what the team can deliver


Present your unique service value and generate demand for new or for existing clients.


Define your services and bundle them into standard offerings to sell, manage and deliver them effectively.


Use engaging mini questionnaires, needs assessments and lead magnets to market, sell and expand clients.

MSP Sales Tool - Managed Services Platform

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Step 1. Describe to us your roles and challenges
Step 2. We show how other MSPs solved those problems
Step 3. Understand how to improve your sales process 


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Define and communicate what makes your brand different from every other MSP


Define and communicate what makes your MSP different from the rest so you can command premium prices for your premium services.

Effectively communicate what's included and what isn't included with your team, prospects, and clients.

Having your offering written down and clearly defined lets you duplicate knowledge to your team and empowers them to success.

Close Deals with Consultative Sales Meetings

Differentiate from your competition, command high prices and control the IT buying process.

Manage the complete sales/buying interaction with a clear process. Implement duplicatable sales processes that anyone can follow to success.

Effectively communicate the value of technology as the solutions change.

Differentiate from competitors by understanding & offering what the clients want by providing “Leadership” with a buying process.

MSP Sales Tool - Managed Services Platform

Build productized services

Without clear service definitions, boundaries and alignment growing your MSP will be unfairly hard if it is even possible

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Gain Clarity with a Service Catalogue

Managed Services Platform has hundreds of templated projects and services which are fully white-labeled and can be customized by you.

Templates are curated by industry experts so you can choose the flavor that fits your business.

You can define your own services and service bundles so you're not seen as only the custodian of infrastructure.

Build new offerings as new technologies emerge.

Gain Clarity with a IT Service Catalogue

Define Your Offering with Service Bundles

Clearly defined services mean everyone is on the same page.

No more scope creep or overselling and under-delivering.

True brand differentiation.  You can say what's included and what isn't to help prospects see the real value.

Define Your Offering with IT Service Bundles

Price and Package a Profitable Offering

Gain visibility into how services bundles are applied to clients and see where you can drive additional profits.

Create new and interesting service offerings to differentiate from the average infrastructure support MSP.

Price and Package a Profitable Offering

Define the Deliverables

Getting clarity on what needs to be done for a service is an art and science. Many times it is difficult to set everything upfront.

The delivery section of the service catalog gives you a flexible tool to define service deliverables in a structured or less structured way. Optionally you can populate specific processes to your services or projects. It allows your team to generate projects in your PSA when it comes to service delivery.

Define the Deliverables of your IT Projects

MSP Sales Tool - Managed Services Platform

Articulate your Value 

Demonstrate your value with Needs Assessment, Engage Prospects with Grader Reports and Share your Services on Your Website

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Connect business problems to technology solutions with Needs Assessments

Only technologists get excited about IT.  Solving business problems is exciting for your clients.  

The needs assessments are qualifying services, service bundles through business problems. It helps you to focus on the pain and the gain of the client rather than the features and details of the services you offer. Use the Needs Assessment to connect everyday problems to your technology solutions and guide your clients to a buying decision.

Connect business problems to technology solutions with Needs Assessments

Articulate your Value with Price Calculator

Show your prospects and clients what's included and compare service bundles.

Make it easy to upsell new services as they emerge and your offering changes.

Migrate clients on old plans to new plans by letting them select the value of solving business problems.

Articulate your Value with Price Calculator

Gain Clarity with Service Agreements

Building a service catalog is the first step, communicating effectively is the second step and having an alignment over time is the third step.

The Service Agreements allows your team to assign ongoing or project services to clients for delivery. It helps you to demonstrate the value of the service any time, by sharing the service catalog items to the client. Making changes, updates and keeping service versions are a breeze by using the agreements.

Gain Clarity with Service Agreements

Publish and update your offering on your website

Many times it is difficult and cumbersome to sync the new features, stack items of your services and communicate to prospects and existing clients. 

As you build up your service catalogue, you are able to publish the services and bundles to your audience. You can share your service bundles as a button on your website or embed them as part of the site in an iframe. As you change your services and bundles the items are automatically updating everywhere. 

Publish and update your MSP offering on your website

MSP Sales Tool - Managed Services Platform

The most comprehensive tool within your budget

Flat fee model with unlimited clients, users, reports, and integrations with pre-built templates 


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Get engagement with Graders

Very often starting the conversation is a big challenge. How do you get in front of new prospects or clients if they have no awareness of problems to solve?

Graders are simple, mini questionnaires that can be completed on your website very quickly. These graders are generating automated scores and reports for you and the prospect. Ideal for first meetings, generating demand and also preparing for client review meetings.

Get engagement with Graders

Capture Attention with Lead Magnets

Generating interest to your Graders, Needs Assessments and Service Offering can be challenging.

By embedding the lead magnets to your website it allows you to use smart bars, popups and scroll boxes to offer your calls to action to the audience on the relevant pages. Offer Cybersecurity Assessment on your Security related pages to the audience will likely get engaged.

Capture Attention with Lead Magnets

Without a productized service offering

It is a challenge to differentiate your offering and win more profitable businesses

It is hard to scale your operation and stay profitable

It is difficult to align clients with the changes of the offering

Garry Adams at
We had challenges in upgrading our clients to our cybersecurity offering. Managed Services Platform helped to develop an effective process for our Account Management team to grow our existing client base.
Garry Adams at JMARK Business Solutions
Client Relationship Manager / JMARK Business Solutions
Nick Stevens at Heroic Technologies
Since we use Managed Services Platform we have a consistent and effective QBR process that helped us to win more projects and maintain business conversations with executives.
Nick Stevens
Founding Partner / Heroic Technologies
Wouter Mertens at EXPRO IT
Managed Services Platform helped to cut down our QBR process in half the time. This enabled me to do regular QBRs with all key clients and delegate project opportunities to the service team.
Wouter Mertens
Business Manager / EXPRO IT

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