NIST Cybersecurity Framework Quickstarter Pack


Generate Client Engagement with five Cybersecurity Roadmaps in 30 days


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Clients Asking for Cybersecurity,
No Expertise on Your Team,
Fear of Clients Leaving


MSPs need to be a partner to clients when it comes to cybersecurity
Clients are asking for cybersecurity or being educated about it by competitors
There is nobody on the team with time or expertise to develop a cybersecurity assessment
Spreadsheet assessments look unprofessional
Security projects are profitable and reduce risk to the client and the MSP, but are hard to sell without the justification an assessment provides


Other MSPs are building in-house security Or partnering to offer IT. Those that don’t do something will be left behind.

Stickier Clients

Provide guidance, demonstrating competence and trustworthiness.

New Clients

Reveal problems left by others and win new business.

Project Revenue

Build a cybersecurity maturity roadmap full of additional-revenue projects.

Instant Cybersecurity Capabilities

Short learning curve, easy setup, ready-to-use report template, recorded walkthrough training, sample report material, and marketing/sales email templates

3 Steps to Success with Cybersecurity

Show clients the need for cybersecurity with marketing/sales email templates, then run an assessment using the provided training, and propose remediation projects and services. It’s that simple.

3 Steps to Success with Cybersecurity

NIST Cybersecurity Report Template

One assessment template covers the whole framework.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Don’t let someone poach your clients - get in front of the cybersecurity issue and make money doing it


View a Sample Report

Full Assessment or Simplified - Your Choice

You can do a full assessment, or simply turn off the advanced sections for a streamlined Protect > Detect > Respond assessment. Some use this simplified assessment as a lead generator with the option to upgrade to a full/paid assessment!


NIST cybersecurity framework

Track Progress Over Time

Executives always want trend data. Take snapshots of a report, update the whatever has changed, then compare scores!

NIST cybersecurity gaps

compare cybersecurity scores


Report Widgets

The assessment report template contains widgets such as hideable Instructions, Cover Page, Previous Scores & Snapshots, Intended Maturity Level, Observations and Recommendations, Security Roadmap, and a full assessment questionnaire.

cybersecurity roadmap


Step 1. Sign up for a demo call

Step 2. Subscribe to the software

Step 3. Follow the onboarding process

Step 4. Engage 5 clients with Cybersecurity Roadmap


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Cybersecurity Course

Academy Courses with videos, text, progress check, bonus materials and quizzes.

  1. Software Kickoff Meeting
  2. Select 5 potential clients
  3. Select 5-10 potential initiatives for the clients
  4. Setup an Cybersecurity Audit Report
  5. Setup Cybersecurity Service and Collaterals
  6. Prepare for the Cybersecurity Audit Meetings
  7. Conduct Cybersecurity Meetings
  8. Review the results and finalize the offers
  9. Conduct the follow up meetings to close the deals

cybersecurity course


Cybersecurity Live Training

The training provided with this toolkit shows your team exactly how to use the marketing and sales assets, and how to perform the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Assessment.

  • How to use the Email Templates to get qualification calls with clients and prospects
  • How to use the Statement of Work to sell a paid assessment
  • How to run the assessment to generate a Cybersecurity Roadmap

Cybersecurity Live Training


Become a Trusted Advisor with Strategic Client Meetings



Become a Trusted Advisor


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