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NIST Cyber Security Framework Quickstarter Pack


Bridge the gap between security and business


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Crisis, No Time, Lack of Decisions

Manage the complete Cyber Security Development Lifecycle within one report
Educate your clients and pre-qualify them for the assessment
Perform a productive audit without being a cyber security expert
Generate a Cyber Security Roadmap to capture all the next steps
Showcase the different responsibilities involved in successful cyber security adoption.

Start an assessment today

Don't re-invent the wheel, develop in-house or spend countless hours on different tools. Leverage the ready-to-use NIST Templates.

Explain responsibilities

The 30+ responsibility areas are divided between the service provider and the client. It helps to explain the responsibilities.

Implementation process

Follow our 3 phase NIST assessment method to quickstart the process even if you have not done Cyber Security Assessments before.

Instant Cyber Security Capabilities

The short-learning-curve, easy setup, out-of-box templates, academy courses, live training and guided implementation for teams

4 Phases Implementation Process

The main problem with NIST Assessments is that they focus only on the assessment piece and on the complete Cyber Security Development Lifecycle. Without proper education, qualification, assessment, action plans, responsibility settings and a service offering the cyber security process breaks. 

It leads to a long decision-making process which makes it harder for the MSP to push through the necessary changes with clients. It makes it hard to maintain the development momentum and demonstrate progress after the investments.

4 phases of cyber security development


1. Pre-Qualification Score

The challenge to perform a NIST Cyber Security or any other technical assessment is to bridge the knowledge gap between the executives and the technical field. This challenge if unresolved can lead to many issues including ignorance of an assessment, a feeling of being “sold” or simply detached from the results.

The Managed Services Platform’s NIST Cyber Security Framework Assessment’s Gut-Check section helps Account Managers, vCIOs and other non-cyber security experts to get aligned with clients about their perceived cyber security levels. This encourages engagement and involvement in the process.




Delivering a NIST Cyber Security Assessment can be very time consuming, hard, cumbersome and overwhelming for the clients. Losing clients through the assessment process makes it harder to keep the ball rolling and present action plans and services to develop higher cyber security standards.

The Managed Services Platform’s NIST Cyber Security Framework Assessment is a simplified questionnaire with simple statements and hints to keep the conversation going without feeling overwhelmed. It keeps the clients engaged and technical sections can be skipped or covered with technical resources.

NIST Cyber Security Framework Assessment

3. NIST Cyber Security Action Plan

The findings after a NIST Cyber Security Assessment can be time-consuming to prepare, hard to focus on the main points and challenging to present in a way that lets executives make decisions easily. This can lead to issues when despite all the good intentions the MSP can be seen as salesy or can’t explain why the client needs to pay more.

The Managed Services Platform’s NIST Cyber Security Framework action plan solves this problem. It uses a quick executive overview, a cyber security roadmap and an accountability chart addressing the various responsibilities. It helps to drive the conversation and leads to an effective decision-making process.

NIST cyber security roadmap


4. NIST Rinse and Repeat

The hard work is just starting when the client finally accepts your proposal with the action plan and additional services. As Cyber Security Projects involve client resources, internal regulations, processes and many technical moving parts it is easy to get lost in the details and fail to demonstrate visible progress. This makes it difficult to prove to the clients the actual execution and progress made by the entire team.

The Managed Services Platform’s NIST Cyber Security Framework Snapshots solve this problem. You can go back and check the projects, mark them complete and set the scores higher. In this way, you and the clients can always see the forest beyond the trees.

NIST Cyber Security current state

Don’t let someone poach your clients - get in front of the cybersecurity issue and make money doing it


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Tooltips for Completion

You do not have to be a cyber security expert to run an assessment. All the needed information is at your fingertips. The tooltips for all statements help you to clarify the question and have specific evidence to look for.



NIST Cyber Security Courses

Learn the fundamentals in the platform and the solution set to turn your goals into a reality. The on-demand short videos help to understand the NIST Cyber Security Framework, the Report and the Tools to leverage through the lifecycle of the development

NIST cyber security course



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