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Become the superhero in your organization with Peer Groups, a valuable resource for business growth and improvement. With these groups, get real-world feedback from experienced MSP executives and receive insight and ideas on key goals for your organization. Look at other organizations and see how they have attacked strategic delivery problems, implemented new processes, and taken their client relationship to the next level. Walk others through solutions you have found to uncover deficiencies or highlight benefits. Together you will discuss ongoing metrics to evaluate your progress and hold yourself and others accountable to achieve your goals. Save the day with Peer Groups by your side.

Peer Groups process

Our meetings follow the EOS Level 10 format with a preplanned agenda to stay-on-track. Peer Groups offers dedicated sections for updates and discussion.

Our meetings generally follow this format

01. Segue

Chat with the group and wait for everyone to join.

02. Headlines

Highlight what is happening in each participant’s company. 

  • New Hires
  • New Products 
  • Big Wins 
  • Certifications 
  • Milestones 
03. Data

Share at least 2 metrics with the group. The first metric will be the same for everyone, and the second can be anything that participants want to track and receive feedback on.

04. Rock Review

Review the participant’s 1-2 goals for the quarter. The peer group can determine if the goals are SMART, and give suggestions on how to achieve them.

05. IDS

Identify, discuss and solve. As the meeting moves along, issues can be brought up and discussed. Items for IDS can be prepared before the meeting or be introduced on the spot.

06. Conclude

Verify the next meeting date and wrap up discussion.

Existing Customers

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Prospective Clients

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