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QBR Toolkit

IT Client Engagements Made Simple


Learn everything you need to use Managed Services Platform to run world class client review meetings or QBRs

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What is a Quarterly Business Review (QBR)?

As many decision makers of your clients’ decision makers don't play an active role in the day-to-day IT operations, they're often oblivious to the MSP's performance, hard work, and value delivered. A Quarterly Business Review meeting is the single most important opportunity for MSPs to generate executive level client engagement, demonstrate value, discuss business priorities, and expand their services.



What is the Client Engagement Challenge with QBRs?

without creating regular BUSINESS FOCUSED touchpoints with clients it is very hard to keep them engaged so that they are open to:

  • development proposals
  • technology as an investment rather than a cost
  • adopting your technology stack so it is easier for you to deliver high level services

The real question is not about how to solve daily client issues, but how to learn to be able to hold effective and relevant discussions with them. The root problem is that ALL of those topics must be covered with ALL clients REGULARLY in a very precise and concise time frame.

If an MSP misses ANY of those conversations with a client, the missed QBRs will start to cause a build up of account management debts. More account management debt means less engagement, more risk, and lower profitability with a client.


How to make QBRs simple?

Managed Services Platform's mission is to give you a comprehensive step-by-step approach and the tools to take your QBR to the next level. The more strategic approach for client engagement is solving the root problem. The MSP defines all the possible topics to cover with the various audiences of the client. The MSP sets the general priorities of introducing a process for the given communication need, and also specifies the system to be able to cover topics with clients over a yearly period in client-specific QBRs.


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