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Orientation Meeting

Run Better Client Review Meetings

Step-By-Step Walkthrough

Getting Started

The 8 Step Process to learn the tools, customize your QBR template and run a successful first QBR

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This proven process allows you to learn the tool's functions, apply and customize a template and run your QBR on the first time.

We believe on the agile development of internal processes. You goal might be to create a complete scoring system with many topics you want to cover with your clients. However, let's start with an easy process and develop further as you go.

1. Create a Client

Create your first client and learn how to navigate and filter clients


1. Click the Client Menu

2. Click Create Client Card


3. Type your client's name

4. Select Segment (Delegate / Team Packages)

You are able to set your Client Engagement Segments on the Setup > Client Engagement Playbooks screen

5. Select an Account Manager (Team Packages)

You can choose from the available users

6. Type Goal

Set your current goals with a client such as Increase MRR, adopt your Security Offering, meet your Solution Stack better or anything you would like to achieve with them


Use the left hand side menu to filter and search your clients



2. Create a Report

Use a report template to evaluate the reporting tool

1. Locate your client and enter to the client screen

2. Click "Create Report from a Report Template" card

3. Select a Report Template

We suggest for evaluation purposes choose the "Tactical Quarterly Business Review" template. This template is coming with the Client Engagement Excellence Course. The template has all features worth leveraging through a Client Review use case.

You can create new templates or edit existing templates on the Setup > Reports screen

4. Rename the Report



Watch a video about the different templates available from the vCIO / TAM Excellence Program

3. Evaluate the Reporting Tool

Learn the capabilities of the reporting tool and how to leverage to do better QBRs


4. Customize the Report

Customize the scoring and the content widgets for your QBR

If you chose to significantly edit the templates you want to make it in a more strategic way. We have created a complete methodology to develop and adopt your standards. It might take some time to create your scoring, create the remediation projects then connect all together.

We advise the following best practices to make sure you are set up for success:

1. Go through the Client Engagement Excellence Course's Standardization Section to learn the basics of the Technology Stack and Best Practice Standardization. It will also show you how to use the report editor in more depth.

2. If you prefer a more hands-on education where you can apply the learning sign up for a Standardization Masterclass which is included to your vCIO/TAM Excellence Program 

3. If you need more help, then do a 1-1 coaching with Skip Ziegler who is the Expert Guide on Streamlining Technology Engagement

4. If you have no time but you have a vision for your QBR then the best approach is to do a Custom Report Building Service.