Become a Trusted Advisor with Strategic Client Meetings
Become a Trusted Advisor with Strategic Client Meetings

vCIO Excellence Membership Program


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Challenges to become a business partner

Clients view MSPs as vendors managing their IT infrastructure rather than as a potential business partner.

This perception is a big roadblock in differentiating, communicating and monetizing your expertise. 

Without a consistent, effective Account Management and vCIO operation, MSPs struggle to be viewed as a high-value business partner.

Busy MSPs lack the know-how, guidance and time to build a practice internally. 

Excel your career


Learn everything about vCIO services from designing an offering, pricing, packaging and how to deliver workshops. Evolve yourself into a trusted, high-value business partner.

Save Time

Leverage our proven processes, blueprints and best practices for vCIO and Account Management program. Engage and service your clients instead of spending long and valuable working hours building up your own program from scratch.

Be ahead of the curve


Become a part of the most progressive vCIO community. Access expert coaches, participate in private masterclasses and obtain a continuously developing resource library.

The program on a bumper sticker


Most clients do not understand the business potential of your technology services.

The vCIO Excellence Membership Program gives you the tools, education, experts and a leading community of vCIOs to become a strategic business partner.

Stay relevant, expand your clients and achieve your full potential.




Step 1. We'll discuss and identify your unique challenges

Step 2. We'll suggest a smart goal which other MSPs solved this challenge with 

Step 3. Sign up and grow your business


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Expert Guide

Adam started his own vCIO practice and in a short amount of time,  has grown into a very lucrative service to small businesses.

He has been training and crafting materials for MSPs around the world to unlock the potential for them to become high-value business partners.

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Every MSP is unique with all of them having their own vision, personality, and goals for their organization. We believe in quality and high-touch personal engagements.

We encourage you to set up a quarterly planning session with us to formulate a SMART goal and an action plan. Meet with us on weekly community calls, and pass your questions to the community board for our coaches to answer.


vCIO Excellence Membership Program


Stay relevant, expand your clients and achieve your full potential.

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Live Masterclasses, On-Demand Training, and access to coaches!


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On-Demand Training

 You are busy, we get it, therefore we offer 3 tracks with discrete goals to deliver a world-class program to your clients. Whether you want to increase MRR, recover money left on the table, or build a foundational vCIO program, we have you covered!

Strategy Track

Generate $3,000 MRR for vCIO services
in 90 days.


  • 1. Defining the vCIO role and responsibilities

    (Example recorded session.  To get the rest subscribe to VEP!)

    A vCIO program is more than just hiring an individual vCIO to run QBRs.  In this session, we discuss the various components of an effective vCIO program and what responsibilities they are to take on. 

  • 2. Define the Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Cycles

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    Building a cycle or cadence needs to be simple. Complex cycles will fall apart in our operational workflow. Here is a simple review of how to adapt a cycle that won't add complexity to your environment.

  • 3. Delegate vCIO roles to existing assets

    (For recoded session access subscribe to the VEP today!)

    Here we dive deeper into the conversation from Session 1. Don't think of the vCIO as an individual, think of it as a framework or set of activities within your organization. In this manner, you can hire appropriate resources, coordinate activities, and deliver a scalable and sustainable program to your clients.

  • 4. Run a Strategy/SWOT Analysis

    (For recoded session access subscribe to the VEP today!)

    How to have an annual session with your clients that will differentiate your MSP as well as increase client engagement. You need a stable framework to discuss what is going on with your client's business each year. Here we discuss how a SWOT can take things to the next level with your clients.

  • 5. Run an IT Budget Session

    (For recoded session access subscribe to the VEP today!)

    An IT budget session is a great way to discuss the true value of engaging in managed services.  This session is intended to teach engineers how to deliver an annual budget to give the client visibility into IT spend so they can make more informed decisions.

  • 6. Package and Price vCIO Services

    (For recoded session access subscribe to the VEP today!)

    Pricing and packaging up vCIO services can be tricky. Are you an all-inclusive MSP or are you itemizing engagements?  Either way your vCIO services will generate revenue but how?  We will answer these questions and be showing you how to set prices for your services.

  • 7. vCIO Masterclass Capstone

    (For recoded session access subscribe to the VEP today!)

    Here we wrap up the program. You have everything you need to deliver a world-class experience to your clients. The next thing is to schedule client kickoff sessions! This is not as clear cut as it sounds but we will give you some basic principles to follow that will ensure everything goes smoothly!


Generate $100,000 Project Revenues
in 90 days


  • 1. Pick the right clients


    The right clients is just about all of them, what we want to do is pick out the right activities for our clients.

  • 2. Pick the right projects [project library]

    Technology Stack assessments and similar processes to create projects and activities for the client.

  • 3. Set up the Technology Assessment Template

    Set a tried and true report to increase project revenue quickly with a client by measuring their adoption.

  • 4. Preparation for a QBR

    How do we create an effective QBR? Many times when we deliver a QBR we are talking about tickets and SLA. Here we walk you through a progress report that will attract the right people in the room with the right topics.

  • 5. QBR Role Playing

    What does the QBR we discussed in the last session actually look like in delivery?  Here we will role play the specific ideas presented in a quality QBR.

  • 6. Financial management with roadmaps

    Roadmap planning tools allow you to create a visual for spending with your client.  If you couple this with the Budget session from the strategy series you have a potent combination for client engagement.  In this session we will walk you through an effective roadmap tool that you can use to increase engagements.

  • 7. Proper follow up with pdfs and digital

    Here we show you how to share dynamic reports via a shareable link so the client can see the progress on annual tasks over time.

  • 8.Operations Masterclass Capstone

    You now have all the tools & techniques to start generating increased project revenue.  Now you just need to follow up with your clients and start engaging!

Team Foundations

Build a scaleable vCIO program 
in 60 days

COURSE COMING SOON! (February 2020)

  • Week 1: Schedule 3 test client meetings

    Scheduling your first meetings is the key way to ensure that you stay focused.  We need to set these meetings for Week 5.  By then we will have everything set up to have a good conversation with the clients. 
  • Week 2: Customize the Strategic Report template

    Before delivering a report to your client you need to organize your core services and customize the report for delivery.  Every MSP is different so we have created a framework for you to work within and organize your offering.  After this, you simply need to customize the layout and define what kind of strategic exercise you want to do with your clients
  • Week 3: Customize the Technical Stack audit

    The Technology Stack Audit creates a comprehensive assessment of the technology resources in use within an organization and compares that with your technology stack to provide an easy to understand Technology Health Score.  The Score can be used to track the overall status and progress of an organization, while the elements of the Score build a roadmap to keep clients aligned with technology guidelines.

  • Week 4: Customize the Office 365 template

    Customizing the O365 report template can be very quick or complex. It all depends on your service offerings.  If you offer the full suite of MS products then you can probably just accept the report as-is but we still recommend looking it over and making sure there are no outdated items since Microsoft changes things all the time and it is hard to keep up with it.

  • Week 5: Present SWOT sessions to scheduled test clients

    SWOT Strategies may be the most important activity that you do to distinguish from other MSPs.  You can use any strategic methodology you are familiar with but in this course, we focus on SWOT.  It is easy to learn and deliver. As well your clients will all be familiar with the framework.  

    This week you will follow up on the sessions that you scheduled in week 1. Then you will take these sessions and schedule some time with an internal team to review possible action items to recommend to your client.

  • Week 6: Run audits with test clients

    During audit week there is a fair amount of activity going on. For our first round this week the clients should be well known to you. This means the TSA and O365 audits can be handled completely in-house fairly quickly.  

    However, for new clients, this usually means you need to go on-site to perform the audit or scheduling out an hour for a phone call with them.

    For smaller MSPs the vCIO is doing all the auditing but as you grow you will need team members who are well versed in these processes. You should also take time this week to delegate the activities to appropriate personnel and train them on how to use the reports.  

    Once the audits are complete, open the reports in the platform and review the outcomes for next week's review session with personnel who performed the audits.

  • Week 7: Present Recommendations to test clients

    Delivering Business Focused Meetings

    • Align recommendations with goals
    • Build a roadmap for the year
    • Gain approval for the roadmap
  • Week 8: Your next steps

    You have defined a program, you have delivered to your 3 clients,  now what do you do? 

    Here we outline how to take the feedback and create a sustainable program that will constantly evolve over time.

Video Channel

You and your team are too busy to dedicate time required for continuous development.

The vCIO Video Channel is a convenient mobile video channel format to learn, get inspired or think when you are on the road, commute or working out.

This helps you and your team to become better every day.

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On-Demand Courses

The Virtual-C Academy has many online courses for vCIOs to learn hard and soft skills to engage the clients in a business level.

a couple of titles for example

  • How to develop and maintain an IT Budget
  • How to conduct an IT Strategy Workshop
  • How to monetize on Office 365 consultation
  • How to deliver IT Security Assessments
  • How to facilitate vCIO Needs Assessments
  • How to implement a  vCIO led Sales Process



Pre-Built vCIO Report Templates, Videos, and Infographics


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vCIO Service Templates

4 Different vCIO Service bundles for different sizes of clients to cover Strategic, Execution, Project and Educational services. The price and packaging modules with effective rate calculations will let you build up profitable offerings. 40 Ongoing Servies and 108 vCIO Project Service Templates allow you to have an answer for 95% of your vCIO related demand.

vCIO Service Templates


vCIO Structured Report Templates

Deliver vCIO services through high-value, effective and productive meetings. Choose from the 7 available report templates to conduct IT Strategy Workshops, Microsoft Office 365 Audits, Security Assessments, IT Budget Workshops and so on. A complete scoring methodology, categorization and recommendation library is available for customizing your Technology Best Practice and Technology Stack Standard Scoring. Make the reports your own and generate IT Development Roadmaps in minutes.

vCIO Structured Report Templates


Who made the transition...



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Closed Community Access

Share ideas, submit questions, discuss hot topics with fellow vCIOs. Make sure you are ahead of the curve by being part of the most exclusive vCIO group available today. The community portal gives you access to closed content and access to resources.



Monthly Member Only Seminars

You can participate in online seminars every month to learn and implement new best smart goals such as

  • Build an Engaging IT Strategy Workshop
  • Build your vCIO program
  • IT Budget Strategy
  • IT Technology Stack Audit
  • IT Strategy Development Service
  • Monetize Microsoft 365 Services
  • Disaster Recovery Planning



1-1 Coaching

Adam's coaching approach is agile and result-driven. It always starts with an assessment, then setting achievable goals and defining incremental values. This approach helps the MSP to make the vCIO setup and running quickly and start earning incomes from the clients who are helping to finance the development process.

Results are creating positive feedback loops, clients are happy vCIOs are motivated and the company owner have full control on the process.



Without an effective process, you risk sabotaging your relevancy, your perceived value, and your own growth potential.


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We have no time

The time to success is quick. Narrow scope, ready-to-use templates, course materials, and an intuitive tool makes the implementation very quick.

We have no money

Though it is an investment, you'll invest in yourself and in your people. You'll and end up generating a ton of revenue with new projects, services, and new clients.

We have vCIO already

No matter how engaged your clients are and how your vCIOs grow, the community, masterclasses and coach access gives you the extra boost needed to help your team to do more, with less time.

We are not there yet

No matter what your current maturity is with Account Management, vCIO or Sales, the program gives you the concepts, tools to start, execute, and advance your current practice.

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