vCIO Excellence Program


Progress, share, implement and execute faster with a program designed for ambitious vCIOs


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Develop and excel your career

Learn everything about vCIO services from designing an offering, pricing, and packaging to deliver workshops and become a high-value business partner of your clients.

Increase productivity and billable hours

Do not spend time on developing reports, templates, workshops, services, and projects. Use this time to increase your productivity and billable hours.

Be part of a most progressive vCIO community

Access a coach by a bi-weekly group Q&A sessions and be part of a closed vCIO Community to share experiences, exchanges ideas and help on each other.


Here is the problem

MSPs implementing vCIO programs are poised to take advantage of the changing industry not becoming a commodity IT infrastructure providers. 

Building up a scaleable vCIO Program takes hundreds of man hours. That is the sole reason most MSPs not having one.

vCIOs are expensive and billable resources. Spending time on service development, inefficient learning or customizations dramatically reducing their billable time.

Hard-working MSPs deserved to develop vCIO services in a more effective and economical way.

Let's fix this with a disruptive model for vCIO excellence...

vCIO Service Bundle Templates

4 Different vCIO Service bundles for different size of clients to cover Strategic, Execution, Project and Educational services. The price and packaging modules with effective rate calculations will let you build up profitable offerings.


vCIO Service Bundle Templates


vCIO Service and Project Templates

40 Ongoing Servies and 108 vCIO Project Service Templates allow you to have an answer for 95% of your vCIO related demand. Scope projects and communicate the value effective with the related needs assessments and value propositions.

vCIO Service and Project Templates


vCIO Structured Report Templates

Deliver vCIO services through high-value, effective and productive meetings. Choose from the 7 available report templates to conduct IT Strategy Workshops, Microsoft Office 365 Audits, Security Assessments, IT Budget Workshops and so on.

vCIO Structured Report Templates



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Marketing Collaterals

Short, white labeled videos help you to create an interest in your Assessments, Audits, and Workshops. You can use it during your QBRs, you can send it over campaign emails or you can use those in your website to generate leads for vCIO led sales process.



Technology Standard Adoption Scoring

A complete scoring methodology, categorization and recommendation library is available for customizing your Technology Best Practice and Technology Stack Standard Scoring. Make the reports your own and generate IT Development Roadmaps in minutes.

Technology Standard Adoption Scoring


On-Demand Courses

The Virtual-C Academy has many online courses for vCIOs to learn hard and soft skills to engage the clients in a business level.

a couple of titles for example

  • How to develop and maintain an IT Budget
  • How to conduct an IT Strategy Workshop
  • How to monetize on Office 365 consultation
  • How to deliver IT Security Assessments
  • How to facilitate vCIO Needs Assessments
  • How to implement a  vCIO led Sales Process



Take advantage of the limited $250/month flat-fee subscription to access everything you need for vCIO excellence



We provide a 30-day money-back trial period, cancel your subscription any time

Weekly "Ask a vCIO Coach" Sessions

Submit your questions 24 hours before the weekly "Ask a vCIO Coach" sessions and get your answers live. You can jump into the session to chat with Adam about your issue. It can be a demanding client, a tricky situation, a challenging service or anything related to vCIO services.



Monthly Member Only Seminars

You can participate in online seminars every month to learn and implement new best practices such as

  • Build an Engaging IT Strategy Workshop
  • Build your vCIO program
  • IT Budget Strategy
  • IT Technology Stack Audit
  • IT Strategy Development Service
  • Monetize Microsoft 365 Services



Closed Community Access

Share ideas, submit questions, discuss hot topics with fellow vCIOs. Make sure you are ahead of the curve by being part of the most exclusive vCIO group available today. The community portal gives you access to closed content and access to resources.

Closed Community Access


Who made the transition...



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Rich Anderson at Imagine IT
Many solution providers offer to tweak your business model or improve your efficiency - but very few can offer to transform your offering. Managed Services Platform aims to guide those of us aiming for more.
Rich Anderson
CEO / Imagine IT
Nick Stevens at Heroic Technologies
Managed Services Platform is pretty cool. We've tried a lot of MSP coaching, training and marketing systems. We truly feel that the Managed Services Platform is the most in-depth, comprehensive, advanced and fastest evolving
Nick Stevens
Founding Partner / Heroic Technologies
Wouter Mertens at EXPRO IT
Managed Services Platform helps us to sell more SaaS but also helps us to get more revenue because we do more for the same client. The report tool forces us to get out of our comfort zone (the bits and bytes), and makes us focus on why a client needs IT.
Wouter Mertens
Business Manager / EXPRO IT