Orientation Meeting


Assess your current vCIO Maturity Level


Assess your current VML and plan the process to move to the next level

What is the process?

In this 60-minute assessment meeting, we will work with you to:

  • Understand your current vCIO Level or VML from 1 to 5
  • Guided SWOT analysis of your existing vCIO operational model
  • What are the next steps to develop a structured vCIO process


Virtual CIO Maturity Levels Explained

VML 1. - No Structure

Perform no structured way to deliver IT Consulting services. Typically help clients by sitting with them and brainstorming, look for vendors or solutions, giving advice as part of the client engagement process. The lack of structure, definition, and boundaries of services prevents proper monetizing of the services and therefore is used as an Account Management activity. The consultation is mainly focused on IT Infrastructure type activities.


VML 2. - Ad-Hoc, Project-based Service

Perform on-demand consulting such as Annual Planning, Budgeting, IT Strategy Development or Project Scoping. There are some boundaries, processes, and best practices among the activities but these are usually ad-hoc reactive services. Some services can be charged as a project or are part of limited scope activities for higher-end MSP packages. The lack of a systematic approach prevents the service provider from offering a substantial value due to the lack of ongoing professional services.


VML 3. - Structured, Ongoing Service

Perform structured ongoing professional services with scopes outside of the IT Infrastructure. The vCIO services have defined boundaries and proscribed activities during the year like Quarterly Planning, Annual IT Strategy Review or IT Budget Development. The various activities are interrelated and follow a playbook for the year. Services are charged as part of the Managed Services contract or separate line items. This service generates substantial business benefits for the clients as a recurring performance.

VML 4. - MSP Independent Service

Perform services independently from the Managed Services business. It is charged separately and can stand alone completely. The services are structured and follow a strict playbook throughout the year with typical annual contract commitments. It focuses on business outcomes and utilizes business acumen more than technical skills. The services follow Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, and even Weekly closed-loop cycles. The scope of services includes IT Strategy, Project Management, Execution, and Education services. The bottleneck here is the individual personnel resources with the business acumen and experience to act as CIOs.

VML 5. - Scalable Service

At the highest maturity, the performed services are the same level but the difference is the scalability. The organization has processes to recruit, develop, nurture, support and control the individuals performing the vCIO role. They have internal education, mentoring and quality assurance around performed services. As the services are scalable and there exists a pool of talent executing them, efficiency and performance increases, which in turn drives down the cost of the offered services.


Your vCIO Expert Guide: Adam Walter


adam-walterAdam Walter has been working as a CIO for years in shaping the client’s perception of how IT can be a competitive advantage rather than a cost center. He’s discovered that technical presentations are not effective in building business relationships, but business conversations are.

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