Derek Marin

Founder at Simple Selling


Founder of Simple Selling, an agency that implements multi-channel sales and marketing campaigns for MSPs that want to dominate their region.

The most influential work experience was consulting at HubSpot, a sales and marketing software company, where I learned the ins and outs of inbound marketing, SEO best practices, and most importantly, how to integrate marketing and sales.

I’m from Boston originally and still live here with my wife and two small boys. Graduated from Babson College and a fun fact is that we lived in Costa Rica for almost four years.


Best Practices:

  • Think about why people care? Why they are going to follow you?
  • What internal/external/philosophical problems you help to solve
  • Facts about the past - to create authority (titles, past jobs)
  • Personal Passion - to create momentum
  • Personal Super Powers - to create uniqueness
  • Personal interest/hobby - to make you human