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Grow with the right plan

Help your Account Managers, vCIOs and IT Salespersons grow your MSP

Billed annually
Billed monthly


Ideal for QBRs and Strategy Meetings



per month

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IT Client Engagement


  • Live Training
  • Chat Support
  • Unlimited User/Client
  • PSA Integration
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Ideal for Sales and Delegating AM/vCIO Activities



per month

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IT Client Engagement


IT Sales

Delegate Features:

  • Managed Onboarding Service
  • Dedicated Member Success Manager
  • Quarterly Plan and Review
  • Advanced PSA Integration


Ideal for Scaling Sales and AM/vCIO Operations



per month

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IT Client Engagement


IT Sales

Client Workspaces

Team Features

  • Onboarding Project Management
  • Client Engagement Strategy
  • Priority Chat Support
  • Multiple Permission Levels
  • Account Management Functions

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What is included?


Unlimited Reports, Unlimited Users. We want you to grow without limits.

Customizable reports, services, projects, and marketing collaterals. We encourage you to be different and help you communicate this difference.

Caring and effective support. We want to make you successful not just with the software but with your interactions as well.


How do we get started?


There is a one-time onboarding fee associated with the plans including planning and consultation sessions and solution sets.

$1,000 for the Entrepreneur Plan including the
Client Meeting Report Quickstarter Pack
4 weeks of 1 on 1 Guided Implementation Training

$2,000 for the Delegate Plan including the
Client Meeting Report Quickstarter Pack
vCIO/AM Operations Quickstarter Pack
8 weeks of 1 on 1 Guided Implementation Training

$3,000 for the Team Plan including the
Client Meeting Report Quickstarter Pack
vCIO/AM Operations Quickstarter Pack
Consultative Sales Quickstarter Pack
12 weeks of 1 on 1 Guided Implementation Training and Custom User Training

If you aren’t sure which package is for you, what modules you need or about our onboarding consultation, ask us in the chat, or schedule a quick call.


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  • Will it take long to get going?

    Managed Services Platform was designed to be quick and easy to start.

    Leveraging the High-Touch Meeting Software is getting a return on your investment literally on your first client meeting.

    Expert Guide Partners have hundreds of prebuilt templates for projects, services, service bundles, reports, emails and more ready to go.

    You can immediately start producing IT Roadmaps, Quarterly Business Reviews, Software Audits, Infrastructure Audits, and many other engaging activities without any customization.

  • Do I need to engage an Expert Partner?

    No. However, we recommend all new members at Managed Services Platform participate in Masterclasses and Group Coaching Sessions to unlock their growth potential.

    It's about much more than just using a bunch of software to get Marketing, Sales, Account Management or vCIO done; it’s about transforming your business to create sustainable and scalable growth.

    That’s much easier to do in the thriving ecosystem of Managed Services Platform training, group coaching programs, and with the personal support of our famously passionate Expert Guides.

  • What if it does not work for me?

    We provide a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

    We all know this is a strategic decision for you to become a High-Value Business Partner of your clients.

    We set a common goal on our Kickoff Meeting that clarifies "what success looks like" for your organization.

    We always commit to a certain revenue you gain with our tool on the first meetings that you perform with your clients.

  • Do I need to pay for a year up front?

    No, Managed Services Platform contracts are billed monthly by default.

    However, we’ve found that members who commit to a full year of using Managed Services Platform will be more successful practitioners in the long run (and enjoy the 20% discount).

    Since your long-term success is our goal, we want to encourage those practices that support that goal. Bottom line: Annual contracts make happier Managed Services Platform members. We want you to be happy.

  • Where are your cloud servers based?

    Our cloud services are based in IBM's data centers in the US and Australia. These data centers have been audited to SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 standards and meet PCI DSS Level 1 and HIPAA requirements. We are not offering on-premises versions of the product.

  • What is included with the mandatory onboarding fees?

    Onboarding is important to save time and go to market quickly to reap the benefits. However, you can use our tools and go to your next meeting tomorrow and win deals. We are encouraging you to put your client engagement to the next level in a few weeks.

    1. We do not want you to spend your resources by trying to figure out your processes. You will go through a specific onboarding process with an Expert Guide with a minimum of four consultations for the Entrepreneur, six consultations for the Delegate and eight consultations for the Team Package. We help you to learn the software quickly, implement it to your business, customize the templates and provide business advice. 


    2. There is no education available out there for MSP Account Management and vCIO. You get unlimited access to the "Client Engagement Excellence Program" on-demand course materials for you and for the team. This program will teach you to build the foundations of your client engagement and streamline your account management and vCIO operations. The course is based on 6 years of hands-on experience through more than 350 vCIO and Account Management implementation projects with MSPs.


    3. Every MSP is different and we want you to stand out! You get a personalized implementation plan with a Readiness Assessment, Implementation Roadmap and a Task list you and your team will use to make sure you see where you are, where you are going and how you are going to get there.


    4. Start generating revenues tomorrow! You get a comprehensive but easy to learn, easy to adopt and easy to use Template Pack to get started. You also get a Quarterly Business Report Meeting Template, an Annual Strategy Meeting Template, a few Remediation Project Templates, Client Segment, Activity and Playbook templates.

    This is a high-touch and high-value service. We want you to see us as a strategic partner whom you can use to grow your business and get to the next level.

More questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us at help@managedservicesplatform.com